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  • Great Explorations: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition Throughout time, Lewis and Clark have been one of the most famous American explorers. The reasons Lewis and Clark were some of the greatest American explorers were that they found a way to the west coast, mapped the land past the Appalachian mountains, and they overcame many challenges and dangers along the way including bad weather, geographical, animals, insects, and native Americans. Lewis and Clark weren't always known as America's great explorers. Lewis was…

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  • Short Essay On Meriwether Lewis

    provided them with supplies during their first winter. It was during this time that expedition picked up two new members, Sacagawea and Touissant Charbonneau. The two acted as interpreters for the expedition and Sacagawea, Charbonneau’s wife and a Shoshone Indian, was able to help get horses for the group later in the…

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  • Pattyn Von Stratten Research Paper

    her to report him. Jackie’s mother was in a “relationship” with Calebs father, who was a lawyer. Her mother didn’t want her to press charges saying that is was her fault for inviting him over to talk. Patty learned that she liked training a horse ‘Shoshone’ and she trained the wild horse to be tame. After Patty’s boyfriend/fiancé, Ethan, and their baby was killed in a car crash caused by her father, she thought she could never find love again, but she then began to fall in love with Angel. After…

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  • Writing A Children's Book About Lewis And Clark

    I choose to write a children's book about Lewis and Clark because their exploration of the new territory has always interested me. I was especially interested in Lewis and Clark when I was younger. I loved to learn of different adventurers like Marco Polo and Lewis and Clark. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to write a children's book about them. It would make it so I can express my interest in the topic and make it so younger kids can understand and enjoy. I also never read any…

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  • Consequences Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark are known for completing a harrowing journey into the unknown regions of the United States and returning with a wealth of knowledge. The expedition proved to be a valuable asset in paving the way for western expansion in the United States. Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of Native Americans living in the West, the exploration spawned the notion of Manifest Destiny, a philosophy that American citizens were entitled to the land stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the…

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  • Comparing Ghost Dancer By Jaune Quick-To-See Smith And Long Fish

    painting on canvas titled, And Then There Were Five, by George Longfish. The artists of both these pieces are of Native American decent which is a source of inspiration for their work. Jaune Quick-to-See Smith is a Native American of French-Cree, Shoshone, and Salish blood, growing up on the…

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  • No-Fault Divorce Research Paper

    Origins of Divorce and the History of No-Fault No-fault divorce law has been a topic of debate since its emergence around 1970 although it has continued as the precedence of divorce into modern day. “No fault” law allows a married couple to divorce on the basis of “irretrievable breakdown" or "incompatibility” as opposed to divorce based on the fault of one spouse. Because there is no fault involved in this type of divorce the division of assets and care of children is based upon the finances…

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  • Sacajawea Thesis

    Colonization was a time a disagreement, and independence was still an issue, for example, the Seven Years War. However, exploration was still very prevalent for new lands, and Native woman Sacajawea played an impressive part in that. Nevertheless, disagreements also formed between the Indian nations and the colonists such as the Indian Removal Act and the case of Cherokee Nation versus Georgia which included tribes all over like the five civilized tribes. From being forced off their land to…

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  • Sun Valley Essay

    After being admitted to the Union in 1890 as the 43rd people, more than 1,293,953 people now live in Idaho. Idaho is nicknamed the Gem State because of its beauty. In Idaho, they many gorgeous places you can visit. One major attraction is Sun Valley located on Idaho’s splendid mountains where many Native Americans once climbed. Many famous Americans who have helped made America a better place have come from Idaho such as Moses Alexander and Ezra Pound. Idaho’s motto is “Esto Perpetua” meaning,…

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  • Significance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Fort Mandan to wait out the winter and prepare for their exploration to the Pacific Ocean. During the expedition, they encountered numerous groups of people who resulted in helping the men on their travels. The first group they encountered was the Shoshone Indians in Montana who knew how to traverse the “great rock mountains with horses.” It was Clark who, with experience as a soldier and in the outdoors, kept the expedition going, encouraging and helping men who were falling behind. The men…

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