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  • Thomas Jefferson: The Youthful Warrior Meriwether Lewis

    At the point when Thomas Jefferson utilized the youthful warrior Meriwether Lewis as his live-in secretary in 1801, he anon perceived in him the man to lead a campaign into the Louisiana Territory, which Jefferson would anon buy from France, and past to the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific coast. Jefferson's aspirations were sundry: logical information of a consummately obscure district, control of affluent exchange courses, and political command. To integrate to Lewis' experience of…

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  • The Impacts Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    There can be no doubt that the Lewis and Clark expedition was a monumental juncture in American history – the lands that they explored more than two hundred years ago are today home to millions of Americans. However, at the time, most Americans had only a faint conception of what genuinely existed west of their homes. They could not have imagined the spectacular lands of the Pacific coast, territory that would become, arguably, the nation 's most highly sought-after within 50 years. However,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Meriwether Lewis And William Clark

    To say that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were explorers during the early 1800’s, would undermine the contributions they possess in American exploration history. President Thomas Jefferson requested that his aide, Meriwether Lewis (hunter, outdoorsman, herbologist and former Army officer) lead a team of explorers, and study the western component of the west, now known as the Pacific Northwest. William Clark (outdoorsman, Army officer, celestial observer and cartographer) was asked to be his…

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  • Jim Bridger: The Great Salt Lake

    Jim Bridger was a beloved father, husband, friend, and a very talented man. He was born in Richmond, Virginia on March 17, 1804. Jim was always a thoughtful boy. At the age of 20, he decided to come to Utah. Jim was very skilled when it came to the wilderness. He was known as one of the greatest trappers, scouts, and mountain men. While he was in Utah, Jim was the first white man to see the Great Salt Lake. His career began when he joined an expedition and saw the beautiful sights of Yellowstone…

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  • Biography Of Etienne Fool's Argumentative Essay

    Etienne Provost was a mountain man and a Taos fur trapper in the early 1800’s. He was born in Chamberly, Quebec, Canada in the year 1785. He became involved in the St. Louis fur trade in 1814. He stopped actively trapping in 1814 and never returned to the Rocky Mountains after he left. He sadly died in St Louis Missouri on July 3, 1850. Etienne Provost was the son of Albert and Anne Prévost. He had 16 siblings. He married Marie Rose Salle dit Lajorie in 1829. Together they gave birth to their…

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  • Comparing The Contributions Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, President Thomas Jefferson initiated an exploration of the newly purchased land and the territory in the West. Jefferson selected Meriwether Lewis, his personal secretary at the time, to lead the Expedition; Lewis in turn sought the help of William Clark, who was an adept frontiersman. Jefferson’s objective was for the men and their team (Corps of Discovery), to find a water route linking the Columbia and Missouri rivers, which could potentially connect…

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  • Bear Lake Monster Myths

    “The lake was very calm. Above, a bright summer moon provided unlimited visibility. Suddenly, just a few feet offshore, the surface parted with a swelling roar of angry water as a serpentine head reared high, swaying from side to side and leering with great red eyes” (Moffet 3). Since Bear Lake Valley was developed, stories of the Bear Lake Monster have circulated campfires, fishing boats, and cabin living rooms. These stories bring communities together. The people of Bear Lake bond over stories…

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  • South Pass Persuasive Speech

    We finally left Independence Rock. We have been traveling for about 50 miles, and everyone's feet are getting very sore. Luke has the most blisters, but he knows that in the end this trip will be worth it. The sun is beating down on us, making us very sweaty and smelly. There are no trees, which means that there is no shade for us to cool down. The trail is sandy, and the temperature is getting up to 100 degrees. Well, I know that this hot phase will be over soon and we will now know what to…

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  • The Comanche: The Lords Of The Plains

    the “Lords of the Plains. The Comanches had a very unique culture. The Comanches were originally part of the Eastern Shoshone, who lived by Platte River near Wyoming . When the Europeans arrived, the Comanches migrated more towards the south such as, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The Comanche spoke a Uto-Aztecan language, which is almost identical to the Shoshone from which they originated.…

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  • Sacagawea Research Paper

    men because she risked her life to go with just men. Without her Lewis and Clark would have probably never even survived the expedition. Childhood Sacagawea was born on 1788 in Lemhi County, Idaho. She was the daughter of a chief of a tribe named Shoshone. When she was 12, she was captured by an enemy tribe during a war and sold to a French Canadian trapper. He later made her his wife. Sacagawea and her husband lived along side with the Hidatsa and the Mandan tribe in the upper part of the…

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