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  • London Buttars Etienne Neighbours's Successful Career

    recognition. He helped guide John James Audubon. On two of his expeditions, he was imprisoned by the Spanish. One time he was held captive for forty-eight days and his equipment and supplies were confiscated. One time Provost ran into the chief of Shoshone, “Bad Gocha.” He told them it was bad luck to have metallic objects…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Lewis And Clark Expedition

    To emphasize all of our success on this expedition, we need recognizes our leaders and their roles on the trip. The expedition was co-lead by Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. As the President Thomas Jefferson was debating on if he should send an expedition, Meriwether was his private secretary. Thomas Jefferson knew Lewis served in the military, had frontier experience, and was a great pathfinder. These skills and trust helped Thomas Jefferson to pick Lewis as the leader of the…

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  • Sacagawea Speech

    called the Shoshone in 1788. Her village was in the Lemhi River Valley. At age 12, Sacagawea and other girls from her tribe were taken captives by a group of Hidatsa. Sacagawea was captured and forced to become a slave in a different tribe of Native Americans. “A Quebecer trader named Toussaint Charbonneau married Sacagawea when she was 13.” ( Sacagawea is most famous for the journey with…

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  • Essay On Snake River

    salmon coming through the Snake River, making it a great place to go fishing. Over 11,000 years ago many Native American and Indian tribes inhabited the banks of the Snake River. The tribe that was known for naming the Snake was the Shoshone Indians otherwise known as…

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  • Sacagawea Thesis

    one of America’s famous expeditions, and the only women of 33 who were in the group. “Corps of Discovery,” is what many called the westward expedition of the United States. Sacagawea now symbolizes U.S culture and female strength. Daughter of a Shoshone chief, Sacagawea was born in 1788 in Lemhi County, Idaho. Unfortunately most of her early years remains a mystery. At the young age of twelve she was captured by and enemy tribe, Hidatsa. After her capturing she was sold to a french Canadian…

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  • The Comanche Indians

    The Comanche Indians were once part of the northern Shoshone tribe of Wyoming, but split off from them and migrated to their modern location in the Southern Plains. They were great warriors and did not indulge in religious practices or even use folktales or legends often. The economy was based on their lifestyle which made the Comanches difficult to defeat. With the difficulty to defeat, this made the Comanches one of the earliest groups to have money. The Comanches have a history as being known…

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  • Reasons For Choice In Stone Fox, By John Reynolds Gardiner

    Doc, her medical degree, Stone Fox, an intelligent Shoshone providing land back to his tribe and Little Willy his drive and determination to improve his grandfather’s health by winning the race, all derive through significant resolve. Each has achieved strength and reputation, power, through hard work. The…

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  • Missouri River Case Study

    Question 1 To explore the Missouri River and find a stream it as by its course and connection to the Pacific Ocean. This was very important, if we find a stream connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Missouri River we could trade often with the West. At the start of the Missouri River, I needed to take careful observations of the Longitude and Latitude at all remarkable points so they can be recognised in the future. To take journal entries doing your mission. This was important because…

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  • How Sacajawea Changed The World

    women everywhere. Sacajawea was a native American born to the Agaidika tribe, which is located between Kenny and Agency creek close to Salmon, Idaho, in May of the year seventeen eighty eight. In the year 1800 a battle occurred between Shoshone and Hidatsa, which resulted in several causalities. A group of Hidatsa kidnapped Sacajawea, currently age twelve, and several other young girls. At the age of thirteen Sacajawea and another young woman were won in a…

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  • Differences Between Lewis And Clark Expedition

    He made maps and studied the land. He was known for all the journals he kept. He noted down all of the things they saw on the new land. Lewis and Clark traveled for two years, four months, and ten days. On their journey they met Sacagawea, a Shoshone indian and her husband Toussaint Charbonneau. They joined Lewis and Clark on their journey. They both knew lots of indian language so they would translate whenever they came upon indians. On the journey Sacagawea had a baby named Jean Baptiste…

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