Short Narrative on Avalanche Essay

  • The Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf: Life, Another Form Of Living

    they formed limestone before and took the path of the air. The carbon traveled with the wind and then it “stumbled into capture and the organic adventure”. (Levi 384) The atom entered the leaf, experiencing some chemical reactions and finally enters the “chain of life”. Then carbon dioxide is brought to the stage, which constitutes the raw material of life and “is subjected to complicated exchanges and balances with the water in which it is dissolved”. (Levi 386) Thus carbon is destined to change and entered to form part of a molecule of glucose which prepares for the first contact with the animal world. Being drunk, the glucose entered into man’s body, being oxidized and returned to the atmosphere at last. “Such is life”. (Levi 387) In short, the atom of carbon enters the cycle of life and becomes living matter through the sole path of photosynthesis and finally enters the human body, “migrates and knocks at the door of the nerve cell”(Levi 390), forming a cycle between body and natural environment. The atom carbon is the main character here. The whole chapter is written in a neutral way with the scale of molecule and is the least anthropomorphized one among the three articles. The writer, Primo Levi is a chemist, thus using fancy words and sentences only to describe how the process develops with the angle of carbon. Since it mainly talks about the chemical element, therefore there is no, or couldn’t have specific attitude in the passage. It only depicts how carbon this…

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  • Age Discrimination In The Workplace Case Study

    attention. Over the past three decades, however, business faculty have come to realize the role that understanding human behavior plays in determining a manager’s effectiveness, and required courses on people skills have been added to many curricula. As the director of leadership at MIT’s Sloan School of Management put it, “M.B.A. students may get by on their technical and quantitative skills the first couple of years out of school. But soon, leadership and communication skills come to the fore…

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