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  • Lycurgus In Sparta

    The Spartans of the Peloponnese are well renowned for their courageous and war like attributes of their men with society. The Spartans thrived on the well balanced economic, social and political structure of their nation, which provided them with a civilization of physically strong individuals, who were both soldiers and citizens, that were constantly prepared for the prospect of war . Sparta now had a state of eunomia as a result of Lycurgus, the Great Rhetra, whom established this ancient…

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  • The Influence Of Reagan's Reform

    The 1980s were particularly glorious years for the United States. Jimmy Carter had just lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan, and “the Gipper” was set to govern the great fifty states. The once hollywood actor , turned sports commentator was determined to stimulate the american economy, and that he did. Throughout his eight years in office, Reagan took strides to simplify legislation and push the American economy to heights it had never seen before, which by 1989 he had accomplished. While…

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  • Compare And Contrast Keynes And Hayek

    Tim Harben History of Economic Thought Feelin’ the Hayek When contemplating the philosophies of macroeconomics, two names may come to mind, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek. The intellectual differences between their two ideas are still being debated today. Keynes may have received a Nobel Prize for economics but he died before the Nobel prize in economics was created in 1969. Because of this fact, I have chosen to focus my attention on the intellectual competitor and…

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  • The Sociological Novel In Mulkraj Anand's Untouchable

    When he hears of her molestation, he steps forward to attack the priest but his feet get glued to the earth. Though he feels 'a wild desire to retaliate, the serfdom of thousands of years humbles him.' But, in the meantime, the priest takes advantage of Bakha's entering the temple, shouts at him in self defense. It is a barbaric shock to…

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  • Martin Luther's Influence On Society

    the social hierarchy of Europe. Luther gained popularity among peasants because equality was a crucial principle of Protestantism. The peasants’ uprising against secular authority began in 1381 with the Peasants’ Revolt, which started the end of serfdom. Peasants were not adequately satisfied, and in 1525, they created The Twelve Articles Of The Peasants of Swabia and stated Luther’s works in a demand to gain additional rights. The Articles stated, “in the future we should have power and…

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  • Essay On Eritrean Refugees

    Chapter Three: Eritrean Refugees and Introduction Programme in Norway 3.1 Eritrea Eritrea is a small country located on the North - East of Africa on the shores of African Red Sea. It has an area of about 125,000 sq. km and a population of about 6 million. The country is bordered by Sudan to the north-west, the Red Sea on the east, Ethiopia to the South-west and south-east by Djibouti. It is ethnically and religiously diverse and includes nine ethnic groups. Eritrea became a free independent…

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  • Intellectualism In Crime And Punishment Analysis

    An Analysis of Intellectualism in Crime and Punishment On December 22, 1849, at eight A.M., Fyodor Dostoyevsky was roughly tied to a wooden stake and blindfolded (Townsend). An opponent of tsarist autocracy and serfdom, the young writer had joined a progressive group known as the Petrashevsky Circle. He was soon arrested for subversive political activity against Tsar Nicholas I and condemned to death. As members of the firing squad raised their guns, a courier arrived and revealed the…

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  • Slavery: Social Life Or Social Death?

    Slavery is a system that has been around before written records existed. But this system has not been uniform in defining what a slave is nor if a slave has any privileges. Epitomising this is the Mesoamerican examples of the Aztecs and the Maya. While the Mayans’ slaves were hereditary, the Aztecs’ were personal, so slaves’ children were free. Moreover slaves could own other slaves in this society, very rare in slavery throughout the world. Consequently it is perhaps naïve to define slavery as…

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  • Making Chocolate Sweeter Summary

    It’s hard to imagine that somewhere in the world, a parent is faced with the difficult decision to send their child to work rather than school. This decision may be the only logical choice of survival for their child, who will earn very little or a non-wage earning such as meals or a place to stay. Down the street, a factory owner keeps a watchful eye on hundreds of children who were once in the care of parents and now under his supervision. These children work tirelessly to produce a garment…

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  • Personal Narrative: All Quiet On The Western Front

    In Chapters 15 through 17 we learn more about how the countries of Europe modernize and sometimes do not modernize. However, no matter what country you look at in Europe at this time everyone has discontents with their country. This is the beginning of the ideas of revolution and rebelling against one 's country to take control over what the people want them to be and not what their leaders and monarchs want them to be. In Prussia, we were beginning to see how uneducated our people were. We…

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