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  • Essay On Becoming A Better Writer

    am given a topic to write about I think it is harder to make the paper interesting and enjoyable to read. When it comes writing I have a few of struggles that one day I wish I could improve on. The three writing areas I struggle with the most are sentence fluency, grammatical errors, and word choice. To make my writing better I will continue revise and edit my papers. Grammar is something that you need to repeatedly practice and I believe that should help with fixing grammatical errors. To…

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  • Why I Write By George Orwell Summary

    access to all white house events. According to Orwell the author can remove enjoyed and change has to had. This will make the sentence less bias towards Eric Schmidt also. In the same sentence it is stated “not counting large meetings and social events like state dinners.”, this is a redundant statement for as we do not need to know that he also attended these events. The sentence will then read “Eric Schmidt had virtual open door access to the white house during the Obama administration,…

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  • Birdsong Poem Analysis

    soldiers a voice other than the single exclamation of “Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!”, interrupting his vivid painting of the emotions of the soldiers. This is, as Mansur suggests, Owen’s only example of “inarticulate expression”. The combination of short sentences, imperatives and exclamation marks create a sense of frantic urgency as Owen describes how the soldiers rush to save their own lives and their comrades’. Owen wrote “Dulce et Decorum est” in response to Jessie Pope’s poem “Who’s for the…

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  • Literary Analysis Of The Taweel's The Qur Excepting God

    cannot be known. They try to prove this point by quoting the Qur 'anic verse, "None knows the ‘Taweel ' excepting God." They stop here and make the succeeding part of the verse, "And those who are well-grounded in knowledge" the beginning of a new sentence. But the exponents of the ‘Taweel ' read the verse as a whole, "None knows the ‘Taweel ' of the Qur 'an excepting God and those who are well-grounded in knowledge." They treat the phrase, "Those who are well-grounded in knowledge" as an…

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  • Attractiveness In Sigall And Ostrove's Study

    class experiment was how attractiveness affected the sentence length of a crime. This is important since it directly affects the lives of defendants in court room situations. Judges should be aware of this potential bias as they are deciding ruling. Sigall and Ostrove, conducted a study focusing on the same topic. The independent variable was the level of attractiveness with the crime committed. The dependent variable was how long the sentence was that the participant determined. “An…

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  • Isaac's Writing: Focus, Content, Organization, Style, And Conventions

    grammar, organization and a good sequential order. As shown in his writing assessment, he is unable to write more than one paragraph and struggles to write one paragraph independently due to his struggles to come up with ideas and construct complete sentences. He needs to work on grammar, detail, organization, transitions and elaboration in his writings. For example, the writing assessment asked Isaac to write about someone or something that he was thankful for. He was first given a graphic…

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  • Improving My English Class

    After finishing my first semester of English, I can say that I have improved immensely as a writer. Coming into the class, I was not very confident in my abilities as a writer. I did not think my word choice was above average, I thought my sentence structure was something that could be qualified as trash, and I felt like I could not address my audience in any way. However, after this first semester, I feel that everything has changed. Through evaluating my own work this semester, I have been…

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  • Krag's Second Language Observation

    children to learn how to write a correct sentence by Christmas. She uses a lot of gestures, direct instruction, she stops and explain difficult words while she talks, how words can have different meanings. Miss Krag said that her job is to teach formal English not the informal that they may learn in the street. Other accommodation that I noticed is that she asked 1st grader students to write small sentence, instead the second grader should form longer sentences. Another challenges that aroused,…

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  • Polite Ending And Confirmation Essay

    2. Analysis 2.1 Politeness 2.1.1 Polite Ending and Confirmation Questions Generally to say about the background about the video, speaker M is a famous singer and speaker F is a famous actress. The conversation was started when they met at the first time. They were unknown each other before; so, the relationship looks like unfamiliar and unfriendly. However, after they had honest talk more and more, they started to be turned in favor of each other and be familiar. By communicating, I can find…

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  • Analysis: Comma Exercises

    Long Beach City College WRSC Page 1 of 5 Comma Exercises Using commas to separate a long introductory phrase from the main clause. Directions: Punctuate the following sentences with commas. 1. Having been told of the test John wondered when he would study. 2. Wading into the cool lake we found relief from the heat. 3. In the heat of a summer afternoon our air conditioner stopped. 4. After our game with Central High School our bus broke down. 5. Seeing the oncoming car weaving I…

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