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  • Sugar Glider Research Paper

    animal. It belongs to the Chordata phylum, and its class is known as Mammalia. The order of this mammal is known as Diprotodontia, which is Greek and when translated means two-front teeth. The family is called Petauridae because it is a winged glider (SeaWorld 2017). The genus is called Petaurus, which is also known as…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Dead Body Day

    It all started when two nine-year-old kids want to go to the park. So what do they do? They hop on their bikes and bike to the park. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. A dead body is decomposing… Quentin Jacobson and Margo Roth Spiegelman, run home to tell their parents. Quentin wants to push the whole finding-a-dead-body thing from his mind, but Margo finds out the man killed himself and wonders why. Nine years later, Margo, now eighteen, comes to Quentin's window in the middle of the…

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  • Ethical Treatment Of Animals In Captivity

    For example, the Orcas in Seaworld,…

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  • Is Animal Captivity Wrong

    animals. This assumption does have evidence behind it, for example, three trainers who worked at SeaWorld were killed by the orca named Tilikum (Villarreal). That is an extremely heartbreaking fact, but the spot light that it has shed onto this topic has caused other parks to reevaluate the safety hazard brought on by housing such dangerous creatures, therefore, many entertainment sites like SeaWorld no longer allow the trainers to be close enough to the animals for there to be any possibility…

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  • Argument Against Animal Rights

    He is currently a youth ambassador for the dolphin project. He has accomplished a lot in the activist realm such as organizing a large protest in SeaWorld to fight the animal abuse occurring there. He helped stop animal abuse by: protesting in schools and clubs, nation-wide petitions, spreading awareness through videos on social media, and more. He educates people on how beautiful nature is and…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Whaling Should Be Banned

    good source of energy and profit. However, whale oil is not popular and there are many other alternatives such as kerosene, gasoline, and solar power. The opposing team might say that the whale population is stable. On the contrary, according to SeaWorld, almost all whale populations are either listed as “vulnerable” or “endangered”. Therefore, whaling needs to stop to help these whale populations get healthy…

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  • The Importance Of Killer Whales

    life expectancy is as well. An author who studied killer whales in captivity was able to claim that their life seems to be shorter when being captive, “Large carnivorous orcas do poorly in captivity, dying at young ages. Kirby notes that orcas at SeaWorld die at a rate two and a half times higher than orcas in the wild. And they can lash out at their trainers, with fatal results.” (PALMER, 55) So from the big scheme of things, not only are the whales lives in danger, but the trainers who attempt…

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  • Blue Horizons Show Narrative

    arms on the sides of the seats. I grimaced at the sight of bird poop on the armrests and quickly removed my elbows off them, placing them on my lap after checking for scat on my sleeves. It was a long wait before the Blue Horizons show started at Seaworld, San Diego , and all I could do was stare at the oddly shaped plastic waves on the stage, and the rainbow balloon-like “bubbles” on them, and listen to my brother whine about how he was hungry, and beg my dad for more beef jerky.My dad…

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  • Sea Lion Research Paper

    As many of you have noticed nature happens on its own, the Sea Lions have not been treated well lately, they have been getting blamed for something that is not their fault! Due to climate changes the sea lions have been eating so many salmon because of how they reacted to the weather changes, how the weather has increased its temperature so highly. A fact that I once read and legally changed my mind said “Killing sea lions will not change the future for the salmon, it will simply distract…

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  • Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian

    Sample Draft Outline I. Introduction A: Thesis Statement: Being a veterinarian is a superb career choice because of great interactions with varied types of animals, the amounts of aid you can supply for them, and the great feeling of helping the injured or sickly animals to their health. II. History of career A: Veterinary work has been around since human beings and animals first interacted, worked, and lived together. 1: “People that…

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