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  • Hope In Stephen Galloway's Novel 'The Cellist Of Sarajevo'

    people to endure difficult times. In Stephen Galloway’s novel “The Cellist of Sarajevo” the struggles that the citizens of Sarajevo must contend with during the Bosnian war are explored. Dragan and Kenan are put in situations in which their hopes on survival are tested. The effects of the war causes Kenan and Dragan to lose hope which changes their views on life. The consequences of the Bosnian war causes many people of Sarajevo to lose hope. Trying hard not to lose hope on survival, Kenan’s…

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  • Dragon's Symbolism In Arrow

    Arrow is a female sniper- her military life allows her an excuse to kill in order to protect the city and innocent lives of Sarajevo. She is assigned to protect the cellist because he represents hope for the civilians which makes the men on the hill a strong reason to shoot him. She is conflicted about her sense of justice and morality. Kenan fears the thought of never seeing his family again which is the reason why he fights for their survival. For example, making frequent trips for water. He…

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  • The Paid Piper Analysis

    In my opinion, "The Paid Piper" by Grant Stoddard and "Bombing Sarajevo" are essays, which I consider "travel writing" because these writings have the magic to transport the reader (at least me) into the cultures and surroundings. Moreover, these essays just not give the reader a picture of how the place look, but a more personal meaning and historical description of them. "The Paid Piper" was my favorite essay, because it was short, sweet, fun to read, and gave me the curiosity to find out…

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  • Eula Biss Analysis

    having a special emotional tie to where you live. In Aleksandar Hemon's "Lives of a Flaneur," he evokes a sense of community and belonging once he moves away from his home in Sarajevo and finds a new one in Chicago. Throughout this essay, Hemon's ultimate goal is to search for a new place to call home. He had originally left Sarajevo…

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  • The Islamic Faith

    I choose to complete my report on the Islamic faith because I feel that it is a relevant topic. It seems like every time I turn on the news or visit a news website, I am met with articles about the Islamic faith. I don’t think people fully understand what the religion stands for and only think about a few radical sectors of the religion. I think when most people think of Muslims they think of a radical group or terrorist. This is very unfair because most Muslims are very peaceful and tolerant of…

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  • Pathophysiology Multiple Choice Questions

    (10). The main objective of the undergraduate part in the medical schools in our country is that medical students are trained to work in primary care as well as family / general medicine doctors. In the syllabus of Medical faculty, University of Sarajevo, the purpose of the pathophysiology, as a subject, is the adoption of the appropriate level of knowledge and skills in the field of pathophysiology necessary for the successful continuation of the study of medicine, with the aim of mastering the…

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  • Rise Of The United Nations

    necessary stabilization work because they wish to exhibit the book in the Sarajevo Museum to raise the city’s morale. The UN also asked Hanna to contribute an essay that would be published in the catalog after the book went on exhibition. On top of this, Hanna is prompted by the UN to photograph every page of the Haggadah, rebind it, and retake the photos again to record and preserve the book’s exact condition. Hanna is flown to Sarajevo in 1996 to work on the manuscript in the boardroom of a…

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  • How Did July Cause World War 1

    It was not the cause of World War I, but it’s the pathway that leads to the Great War. In the assassination in Sarajevo incident, the Serbian shot an Austrian, but why other countries, like Germany and France, were involved in the war? Most of the European countries were involved in the war because of the alliances they had formed with each other, which they promised…

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  • The Fall Of The Dynasty Analysis

    already confusing topic, thus allowing him to better fulfill his aim to identify the cause and effect relationships and imbrications of the “most dramatic stages of [the] apocalyptic process.” Furthermore, by opening the book with the assassination in Sarajevo before discussing the events that built up to it, Taylor creates a nearly painful sort of…

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  • Ethnic Groups In Bosnia And Herzegovina

    religions Bosnia and Herzegovina are situated in the western Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The larger region of Bosnia occupies the northern and central parts of the country, and Herzegovina occupies the south and southwest. The capital of the country is Sarajevo. The region is divided into three ethnic groups that generally correspond to three major religions; Bosniaks and Islam; Serbs and Orthodox Christianity; Croats and Roman Catholicism. They all share the same South Slav heritage. The region…

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