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  • The Siege Of Sarajevo Poem

    Answer: The siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege in modern history, and an estimated 12,000 people lost their lives. Goran Simic wrote this poem to convey and express his experiences of helplessness, horror, death and fear in Sarajevo during this dreadful useless siege. The title itself implies the sadness and misery the capital of Bosnia was suffering from. “Sorrow of Sarajevo”, this is to show how Sarajevo as a whole, felt grief and anguish after their loved ones were killed for no…

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  • The Cellist Of Sarajevo Analysis

    The siege of Sarajevo, the longest in the history of modern warfare, began on April 5th 1992 and ended on February 29th 1996. During the four years, the politically motivated Army of Republika Srpska, under the command of Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, dropped an average of 377 shells every single day causing damage to over 64% of the buildings and over 100,000 apartments. The Bosnian Serb army also used the hills surrounding Sarajevo to its advantage by placing snipers there who targeted…

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  • Sarajevo Bear Poem Analysis

    Sarajevo Bear by Walter Pavlich What idea(s) does this poem suggest to you about hopelessness and ambitions? As one goes through life and tries to pursue one’s ambition, one sometimes hits upon hopelessness. The poem Sarajevo Bear deals with ambition and hopelessness. The Bosnians’ ambition was so powerful that it overcame the hopelessness of the situation. Ambition may be defined as “a strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work.”1 The…

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  • Death And Injury In 'The Cellist Of Sarajevo'

    and wondering if it’s worse to be wounded or killed. He thinks it would be better to be seriously wounded, rather than die a long agonizing death or die instantly and “plunge without warning into the darkness.” Context Analysis: In The Cellist of Sarajevo, the theme of death and injury comes up quite often. Dragan is addressing his fears regarding being shot. Dragan has thus far, been unable to cross the street. He believes he will be shot, this is partially because he is very pessimistic. He…

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  • The Bright Lights Of Sarajevo Analysis

    In “”The Bright Lights of Sarajevo””, the writer made sure to use imagery by portraying war as ‘massacre’, ‘’blood-dunken crusts’ and ‘broken dead’’. War is meant to be taken seriously, but not to the point where people would do nothing else but hide. Alliteration can be seen on the…

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  • Analysis: The Cellist Of Sarajevo By Steven Galloway

    mirage. When most people’s foremost thoughts are of their self-preservation, altruism preserves and strengthens ones integrity and humanity when one risks their life for the survival of others and keeps their honor intact. In the novel The Cellist of Sarajevo, Canadian author Steven Galloway illustrates the internal moral crisis people face when confronted with their own mortality and the pain and suffering of those worse off. Galloway brilliantly demonstrates…

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  • Characterization In Steven Marloway's The Siege Of Sarajevo

    The Siege of Sarajevo was an event in which two-hundred thousand people lost their lives. The book I had the pleasure of reading was “The Cellist of Sarajevo” by Steven Galloway. The purpose of this literature was to bring light to the “Siege of Sarajevo” that occurred between 1992 and 1996 and to show the humanity/inhumanity found within. The novel elicits many ideas which can be narrowed down to: war, symbolism, structure, character developments and historical context which will all be…

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  • The Sacrifice In Steven Marloway's The Cellist Of Sarajevo

    reason. In the novel “The Cellist of Sarajevo” written by Steven Galloway, demonstrates the City of Sarajevo under siege. The novel follows a series of events for each character that has impossible moral choices- temptation, suffering, and fear of death. At the beginning of the Galloway’s novel, Dragon has no intentions of sacrificing anything he owned- his appearance, his words, and his possessions. Dragon does not know what to believe anymore, whether the old Sarajevo is the truth or the new…

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  • Heroism In The Cellist Of Sarajevo By Steve Galloway

    “The Cellist of Sarajevo,” written by Steve Galloway, is a story that takes place in the capital of Bosnia, shedding light on the true story of Vedran Smajlovic, and touching upon the importance of shedding light in times of darkness. One of the main themes that stood out to me during the story was heroism. Despite all of the other significant themes that arose from the text, heroism was the strongest. The Cellist himself was used as symbol for heroism and another character the author used to…

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  • IND AFF Or Out Of Love In Sarajevo Analysis

    stories “Killings” and “IND AFF or Out of Love in Sarajevo”. Spoken in a third person perspective is the “Killings”. However, first person perspective is used in “IND AFF or Out of Love in Sarajevo”. Revenge is understandable in one story and reprehensible in the other. One ends in regret the other avoids regrets. To vilify and humanize flashbacks are used in the“Killings”. However, a historic subplot is used in “IND AFF or Out of Love in Sarajevo”. The settings play a major role in both…

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