Santa Rita Mountains

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  • Estes Park

    was one of the many places prospectors and explorers came to in search of riches. Most of these individuals came from out east when they saw the news about all the gold out west. Estes Park is a small mountain town in western Colorado, located in Larimer County. The town is part of the Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the country’s 58 national parks. It is located 22.3 miles west of the town of Lyons via U.S Highway 36. One can also take U.S highway 7 from downtown Lyons for a slightly…

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  • The Great Smoky Park Research Paper

    Mountains of high and valley low, the Great Smoky Mountains are one of the most intriguing parks to learn about and to discover what the park’s true purpose is. From the park's first primitive ages, to present day, the view of the National Park has changed through the test of time. The different climates and changes to the environment are absorbing and important to not only the people who act as caretakers of the park, but the people who admire the beauties of the park as well. This park is one…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Great Smoky Mountains

    The Great Smoky Mountains I had never smelt the mountains before. When I was planning my trip everyone who had been there before said, “Oh, that smell! You’ll never forget it!”. I always knew it would be an unforgettable trip I just never thought I would crave the mountains afterwards. I can still feel the cool, crisp air that I inhaled when I walked to the porch to watch the sunrise. I can still taste the freshly brewed coffee, doused in chocolate creamer, as I brought myself to rest on the…

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  • Appalachian Mountains National Park: The Great Smoky Mountains

    A subrange of the Appalachian Mountains, The Smoky Mountains National Park is 520,000 acres and spans across Tennessee and North Carolina border. The Mountains in the park can range from approximately 875 feet to 6,643 feet above sea level. The Great Smoky Mountains are named for the large mist that seems to blanket the tops of the mountains. The Cherokee call the mountains shaconage, meaning “place of the blue smoke”. If you are going to spend the weekend in the park there are a few things…

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  • Keurg Case Study: Case Write Up Keurig

    They are capable of doing so because of the position that GMCR is in as an emerging and growing brand/company. If they build up sales for the Keruig other rival roasters would receive a free ride from GMRC marketing investment and adopt the product and be able to gain revenue from the product. This would allow rival roasters to obtain market share of the K-Cup from GMCR. The second issue is related to both GMCR and Keruig. Capital is going to be a big component of the structure of this deal…

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  • Summary: A View Of Eighteen Or So Side Columns

    Chat Sumlin A View of Eighteen or So Side Columns “A View of Eighteen Side Columns” by Giovanni Battista Piranesi a beautiful piece of art designed to be printed and bought by patrons. Its visual depiction of what can initially be associated with Roman architecture after the fall of its empire is what initially captivates the viewer into looking deeper. The painting communicates using the placement of seemingly foreign figures amongst ruins to signify the survival of life and human…

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  • Mountain Equipment Mec Case Study

    Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC) is a company that sells high-quality outdoor equipment for all types of activities. The company established in the 1960’s started with a store in the United States but later after trouble with the Canadian Customs, felt it needed to move to Canada. Upon moving to Canada the company began establishing physical locations in specific locations across the country such as Calgary and Vancouver. Expansion was needed for the company to address other customer…

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  • Disneyland Evaluation

    I will be evaluating the theme park Disneyland. I will be deciding if Disneyland is a good theme park to vacation at. I will be showing that Disneyland is a theme park that people should visit because it creates good memories and it has rides for people young and old. Even though the price is higher than other parks like it, you are paying for quality and lastly there are fun activities for adults too. Firstly, Disneyland is a great place to create memories whether you are young or old.…

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  • M1: The Dynamics Of Groups As Systems

    cles/stages-development University of Pittsburg, (2015). Communication Behaviors for Effective Group Work. Retrieved from University of Minnesota, (2015). Setting Team Ground Rules. Retrieved from Santa Barbara City College, (2015). Instructional Technology Computer Mediated Communication. Retrieved from…

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  • Tale Of The Magic Drumstick Analysis

    The Tale of the Magic Drumstick Once there was a Chippewa Elder named Francis and he loved music. Music was everything to him. He even made traditional Native American musical instruments. The sound of a drumstick hitting against a hand drum would remind him of his own heart beating. Not to mention how music brings people together. So one night while Francis was sleeping. The creator sent Francis a dream of choke cherry bushes swaying in the wind and elks running through the forest. In the…

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