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  • Differences Of The Boston Massacre And The Kent State University Shootings

    Takisha Garnett History 1301 Enrichment Paper There is a great likeness between the Boston massacre and the Kent State university shootings.Both display an iconic contribution to our American History. One was based on morality and the other was based on monetary benefits, can you decipher between the two? In 1770 The Boston Massacre shooting occurred between the American colony and the British colony. Now, in 1970 the shootings of Kent State University happened which was not the same act nor…

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  • Theme Of Punishment In The Crucible

    Having had grown up in a household with two sisters each being being two years apart i know what it is like to lie in order to avoid being punished. Growing up my sisters and I would always blame each other to prevent punishment. My mom would eventually grow tired of trying to figure out which of us three actually did it and either be left off the hook or be punished equally. When my sisters would get in trouble for something i did i would feel guilty and was obliged to try and make it up to…

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  • David And Gilgamesh Analysis

    The piercing exchange of the eye’s iris, the gentle fluttering of butterflies, the strong beats of a drum and the river of thoughts that travel across the mind, it’s flirtatious, lust or love at first sight. The gentle touch on the shoulder, warm embraces feel the heart, the gentle and warm breath that lands so softly on the cheek from the face to face eye gazing, these are the beginnings of erotic moments that can lead to a lifetime of love. In the epic of “Gilgamesh” translated by Foster…

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  • David Lurie Character Traits

    Character Analysis of David Lurie My character Analysis will be about David Lurie from Disgrace by J.M Coetzee. He was chosen for this topic because he is of course the center of the book, mainly because he has a lot going on in his life that can be elaborated on. David Lurie, in my opinion is in fact an interesting character who made some bad choices in his life, especially for his age. I disfavor David’s actions and choices he made. For a man in his fifties, he should not be flirting…

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  • Adams And Adams Chapter Summary

    what he says. Then next morning a carriage arrives with a package for Franklin, which contains a letter from Hutchinson which pisses off Franklin. Next back in Boston Adams gets word of the letters that Franklin received and is discussing them with Samuel Adams, the letters say the governor is independent of and representative and will do what he pleases. Also in the letter is that if colonists won’t behave that they should use stronger force. A few weeks after he and his wife take a walk…

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  • Summary Of The Crucible

    In 1606 Early European migrated to North America in desire for money and land. (Jamestown and the Founding of English America). But as time passed, a Village called Salem in Massachusetts around 1692, Puritan minister Reverend Parris finds a group of girls dancing naked in the forest, while he slightly witness the girls dancing among themselves, they were doing rituals to make their crushes fall in love with them. Among them are his niece Abigail and daughter Betty, who faints upon being…

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  • Mccarthyism The Crucible

    In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, he explains to his readers about the seventeenth century and how people were convicted for witchcraft, which led to the hanging of many women and few men. This play takes place in a small village in eastern Massachusetts. Many young girls were discovered dancing and playing of “magic” in the forest with a West Indian Slave, Tituba. During the seventeenth century, many people were convicted for so many different things and they were penalized to death or…

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  • Comparison Of Giles Corey And The Salem Witch Trials

    Do you believe in Satan, the devil, or even witches? In the years 1692-1693, in a town called Salem, two-hundred people were accused of being witches, and twenty of those people were executed. Many other places such as England were very religious at the time. The Witch Trials were caused by the fear of the devil and anyone associated with him. Not only were women incriminated as witches, men were accused too. Modern day witch hunts continue to be a superlative example of man’s inhumanity to man,…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Mask Analysis

    The most prominent theme in the Catcher in the Rye from the very beginning is the idea of alienation and Holden’s use of humor to mask it. Right from the first page the reader is introduced to Holden with little prelude. This lack of introduction of who Holden is a person and the way that he uses humor and avoidance as a mask. The ironic thing is that his alienation is the thing that is causing his pain because of the way he ignores his own issues. Some of the things that Holden uses avoidance…

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  • Causes Of Ignorance Protest And Rebellion

    Jake Bovard Dr. Smith HIST 1611 18 October, 2017 Ignorance, Protest, and Rebellion Snowball Colonial disregard of British legislation began with the Navigation Acts, a series of pieces of legislation that sought to keep the colonies from trading with anyone who wasn’t the British mainland. The passage of these acts directly caused more than one war between the Dutch and the English, leaving a very sparse fleet to actually enforce those acts. That lack of real coverage to directly enforce the…

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