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  • Miramar Hotel: A Criticism Of Postmodernism

    Postmodernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that was a departure from modernism. Postmodernism was a movement in architecture that rejected the functionalist, modernist ideals of rationality and also used to describe a dissatisfaction with modern architecture. Postmodernism is characterized by the return of ornament and symbol to form. The aims of the postmodernism was look back to the past for inspiration of history and tradition, ideas of…

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  • The Midwife's Tale Analysis

    In the convention of Arianna Franklin and C. J. Sansom; Samuel Thomas' momentous presentation, The Midwife's Tale It is 1644, and Parliament's armed forces have ascended against the King and laid siege to the city of York. Indeed, even as the city endures at the rebels' hands, midwife Bridget Hodgson gets to be entangled in an alternate kind of rebellion. Bridget Hodgson is a 30 year old dowager that lives in a middle class home with her servants in York, England. It is 1644 and England is under…

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  • The Waste Land Modernism

    Elusive and transitory in nature, modernism is less of an artistic genre, and more of a philosophical movement that rejects understood notions of the traditional while redefining literature, art, and their boundaries. Seeking to make sense of a changing world, the early modernist revolution saw drastic departures from traditional forms of art, literature, architecture, religion, philosophy, social values, and the sciences. Moreover, among the many factors that shape modernist art and literature…

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  • Religious Power Structure Essay

    Socio Religious Power Structures: The Irony of Sinners In Power The infinite struggle for power has existed as long as humanity, and due to their nature, it will never soon be coveted any less. The structures of power fundamentally impact society, denoting what people can and cannot do, while also finding itself a part of the stories that humanity tells, such as The Crucible, where playwright Arthur Miller provides a thrilling dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials, while also paralleling the…

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  • Analysis Of John Adams 'Novanglus Letter'

    At the time of John Adams writing of the Novanglus Letter, much contempt had been stirred in the colonies regarding the lack of representation of the colonies in the British Parliamant. As Adams opens his letter, he addresses the fact that the colonies in the New World had been established before Great Britain, with the addition of Scotland, itself, without even the consideration of representation(Novanglus 79). Yet Scotland, when adopted, was given the right to representation immediately, as…

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  • Mother Child Narratives And The Kingdom Of God Analysis

    will be interpreting the article Mother-Child Narratives and the Kingdom of God: Authorial Use of Typology as an Interpretive Device in Samuel-Kings by Christopher Jero. In his article Jero uses three narratives, The Hannah Narrative, Solomons Judgement and the Elisha and the Shunnamite Woman to show how these mother child narratives reveal the history of Samuel-Kings. The Hannah narrative details a woman who longs for a son further representing Israel’s longing for a king. Solomon’s judgement…

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  • Small World Character Analysis

    In my story, Small World, I create temporal complexity through the emotions of the main character and the dates of the letters written. For example, “I know what I’ve signed up for but its kids like him that break my heart and raise questions about this war were fighting.” (Winmill 1). Dr. Bones writes all of his worries down in his journal. He is very concerned if he is doing the right thing or not or if he should be doing something else. Literary critic, Janet Gurkin Altman, argues about…

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  • Mental Illnesses In The Crucible

    Witch hunts. When people hear that, they tend to think of witches being burned, or possibly, the Salem Witch Trials. These witches weren’t just hunted down and killed; they were singled out and discriminated against by everyone around them and forced into unfair trials where they would confess or be hung. There are lots of similar circumstances to The Crucible in our world. Individuals with mental illnesses and other mental health issues are one example. These people get made fun of, excluded,…

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  • The Seven Years War Analysis

    British victory in The Seven Years’ War (French-Indian War between 1756-1763) left Britain with tremendous debt and the British government decided that the American colonies, who benefited the most from this war, should pay part of the war’s costs. To achieve this goal, the British Parliament passed a series of acts designed to pay the debt with colonial assistance. The American colonists were not happy with such tight control. The first act passed by the British Parliament on April…

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  • Tituba And The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem witch trials all started with Tituba who was a slave of Samuel Parris. Several other girls joined Tituba in the kitchen in early 1692. People thought that Tituba and her group had a black magic dance in the woods. The girls would fall to the floor and start screaming and this behavior started to spread all over Salem. Soon after the Puritans believed that the girls would never put themselves under such a spell. They started asking the girls who did this to them and who tortured them,…

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