Sales force management system

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  • Mcdonalds

    Weaknesses:  Complicated supply chain structure.  Inadequate operational strategies.  Poor interaction with customers.  Inadequate marketing strategies.  Less number of products.  Dependence on single supplier. Opportunities:  Increase in annual sales and overall profit margin.  Increase in business growth/size.  Export of products to other parts of the United States at famous stores.  Good realization of the domestic…

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  • Affirmative Action Case Study Examples

    An Affirmative Action plan or program is a management tool designed to ensure equal employment opportunity. Affirmative action is intended to promote the opportunities of less priviliged groups in society to provide them equivalent consideration to that of the more privileged Population. It is mostly It is often adopted by government and educational institutions to provide Opportunity to the less privileged group of people in the society. The stated justification for affirmative action…

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  • SWOT Analysis: The Mckinsey 7's Model

    Hard or Soft. Hard Soft Strategy Structure Systems Shared Values Skills Style Staff • Strategy: A plan designed to maintain and continually improve advantage over the competition • Structure: how a business is structured and knowing who reports to who • Shared Values: These can be seen in the general work ethic and the corporate culture of the company. • Style: The type of leadership adopted in the company by the senior management. • Systems: The daily duties and procedures used by…

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  • Case Study Of Prototon's Marketing Strategy

    company faced a lot of losses and was trying to reposition its brand and improve its quality to satisfy customers. Furthermore, the competition has become more intense since government’s liberalisation of the automotive industry which allow market forces to dominate the industry. Hence, the industry have better freedom in determining their selling prices and compete more aggressively with one another. From the marketing mix point of view, the company has a better focus in terms of its pricing,…

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  • Procedural Justice Case Analysis

    company did not gain the trust of the employees before deciding to announce the layoffs, thus leading Rollins to not defend Lauder when the employees were asking the questions of him. Lauder did not offer any transparency to the employees or senior management of the organization. It seems that only three people in the organization knew what was taking place and that was Jim Bradley, Alberto Marquez and Andrew Laude; no one else in the organization seemed to have mattered to them. The procedures…

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  • How Does Porter Define And Characterize Operational Effectiveness

    completing actions within an industry to set yourself apart from the rest, make a name for yourself. Operational effectiveness is doing the same set of activities as your competitor but doing them better, this is usually achieved through technology, management initiatives and imitation. You use strategy to be competitive and stay competitive this is innovative, you use operational effectiveness to be efficient and is more so…

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  • Apple In China Case Study

    profit. At the same time, the knock offs take a fair amount proportion of the market, and some of the population prefer those knock offs. China is a large population country after all, and those knock offs may have very similar softwares, operating system and outlooks with the major cell phone companies. They do have very appealing characters that fit to the Chinese market, and support many types of format and downloads. The softwares are much more open than the commercial cell phones, and they…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Nike's Marketing Strategy

    Changes affecting customer behavior can ultimately affect sales of products. Nike targets the social values of achievement, self-actualization, individualism, and conformity with slogans as “Just Do It!” becoming a cornerstone of Nike advertisements. Because Nike targets individuals in athletic fields, they find…

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  • Coca Cola Motivation Analysis

    "The organization produces concentrate, which is then sold to approved Coca-Cola bottlers all through the world. The bottlers, who hold territorially particular contracts with the organization, produce completed things in jars and flasks from the move in mixing with differentiated water and sweeteners. The bottlers then pitch, scatter and stock Coca-Cola to retail locations and candy machines. The Coca-Cola Association has, on occasion, displayed other cola drinks under the Coke imprint name.…

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  • The Dangers Of Network Security

    computers on the system. There are certain measures and skills needed to keep a network safe. There are several people and illegal groups whose aim is to compromise network systems. The hackers or attackers themselves have a lot of procedures they use to compromise networks and cover up their mess in order for the network crime to go undetected. So not only…

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