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  • National Incident Management System

    This is why the United States government decided to create the National Incident Management System. The National Incident Management System is made up of multiple component systems, that are intended for use by all levels of government in disaster situations. Of these components, the Incident Command System offers the most advantages to an emergency manager in the event of a disaster. The Incident Management System helps emergency personnel deal with the many problems that can be created by…

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  • Emergency Operation Planning

    This plan will be based on a capability assessment that will determine what resources are available and what additional resources are needed (Kramer, 2009). All emergency plans should follow the National Response Framework and the National Incident Management guidelines. Earthquakes typically strike without warning, causing massive damage to buildings, utilities and infrastructures such as power plants, bridges, and roadways. Depending on the magnitude and the location of the earthquake will…

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  • Incident Management System

    deaths in the fire service sometimes reveal that a lack of training contributed to the events leading to the responder’s death. One of the biggest adjustments the fire service had to make in the last decade was implementation of the Incident Management System. Failure to implement and train to industry standards can be very costly to both the organization as well as all that are involved. An example of this is the tragic loss of 9 Charleston, S.C. firefighters whose lives were lost in a…

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  • Fedex Swot Analysis Paper

    ESRI technology is Geographical Mapping System that uses real-time Technologies. For example if a product is that is shipping is time critical, or Government sensitive material the ESRI system keeps FedEx up to date on where the driver is. The driver also has a monitor that shows where is next destination is, how long it will take for him to get there, and approximate…

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  • The Planning Cycle

    outlines the whole community approach to a disaster discovery of intelligence or information regarding an imminent threat to homeland and security. Although, communities have participated in some form of evacuation planning as part of emergency management, not many have been able to conduct a full-scale test that would give them an accurate idea of how it would function in a real-life situation. However, while it has been difficult for evacuation planning, efforts are been made to ensure that…

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  • Emergency Management Exercises

    Emergency Management Exercises This paper will focus on recognizing the importance of emergency management exercises when faced by hazards. These are essential methods that one must practice when dealing with emergency management. Furthermore, these are critical steps that groups, organizations and communities must consider in order to be prepare to handle an emergency. One must realize that many regions throughout the state are exposed or have a history of being exposed to disasters, this is…

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  • Okaloosa Emergency Operations Plan

    of Okaloosa in the northwest region of Florida. It will provide a foundation for the use in performing emergency functions during a major disaster or an emergency in the county. This Emergency Operations Plan includes the four phases of emergency management. The four phases are: Prevention – the activities that help reduce or eliminate the probability of an incident, also known as mitigation; Preparedness – the activities developed to minimize damage and save lives; Response – the immediate…

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  • CDID MP Material Branch Chief

    MAJ Rivers served with excellence as the CDID MP Material Branch Chief in a Lieutenant Colonel position normally held by Command Selected List MP Battalion Commanders. He developed multiple staff processes to ensure the efficiency in the management of capability and training development in the three disciplines of the Military Police Corps consisting of Police Operations, Detainee Operations and Security Mobility Support. His efforts resulted in three Programs of Record and ten documents…

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  • Emergency Communication Plan Analysis

    Yuma, Arizona has faced a wide array of disasters and emergencies over the years. It is the responsibility of all organizations to develop a plan to incorporate all facets of emergency management in the protection of the community. The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is part of this framework and is based on preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. Within the EOP, the communication plan must be foundationally strong for the overall success of the…

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  • Osha's Best Practices: A Case Study

    Based upon OSHA’s Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers(OSHA 3249-08N 2006) and ATSDR’s Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents(HSEES 2001), PPE recommended for hospital first receivers is Level C+ (Level C with additional respiratory protection), and consists of; 1) A powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with chemical cartridges, 2) A chemically resistant suit, 3) Double gloves, and, 4) Chemically resistant boots.…

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