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  • Witch Trials In The Salem Witch Trials

    Bible time and time again as to see how to deal with the accused witches, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18). Since the Puritans followed the Bible so strictly, they believed all accused witches that had been proven guilty were to be hanged or burned at the stake. The Puritans also believed North America to be the Devils country. They began to fear anything new and anything that went against or made them question their beliefs. In 1620 a new era was on the rise, an era that would become more science based and had less church involvement. This made Puritans cling on to their beliefs and ways of the church. They continued with the trials, soon more and more women were being accused. Charges against a loyal woman of the church in Salem Village, Martha Corey came about. This greatly concerned the villagers they believed if Martha could be a witch than anyone could be accused. It was now clear to Salem Village that accusing a person of witchcraft might be a way to gain property, cattle and money. Martha continued to deny all accounts of witchcraft but the more she denied the allegations the bigger the hole she dug herself. As Martha is denying the accusations pressed against her the afflicted girls begin to lash out and say her Spector is torching them, one girl bites her lip and blood begins to run. Sadly, Martha was sent to jail due to spectral evidence. As the trials went on the magistrates began to question any and every one. They even questioned Sarah…

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  • The Salem Trials And The Salem Witch Trials

    hanged after being accused of using witchcraft in 1692. In Massachusetts Salem Trials first began in January of 1692 when a group of young girls, who later came to known as the “afflicted girls” felt sick after playing a fortune-telling game and began behaving strangely(Brooks). More than 200 people were accused of using witch craft. Like many other people the write, found this information interesting that she chose to learn more about it. Doing so she used the website…

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  • The Scenes Of The Witch And The Salem Witch Trials

    expect to turn on them is their neighbors, friends, or even relatives, but the people of Salem, Massachusetts often found themselves in this situation. In 1692, a small town called Salem on the coast of Massachusetts began a horrific time period which was named the “Salem Witch Trials.” Innocent people were being hung because of these girls that pointed their fingers at someone they felt like accusing. The witch hunts that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts back in 1692 were not the only witch…

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  • Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

    At the tail end of the witch craze in Europe, comes the Salem Witch Trials. The European witch craze lasted from the fourteenth century to mid-seventeenth century. During this time period, between “200,000 and 500,000 witches” were executed most of these people were women . The vast majority of these trials took place in a sixty-year time period between 1570 and 1630. During this time period “four out of five victims were women”. Most of these women were homeless, widowed, never…

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  • The History Of The Salem Witch Trials

    Have you ever wondered what it was like for the girls of the Salem witch trials? In the trials many young girls were accused of using magic, many of which were falsely accused. This paper will touch on the main points of the trials and will also talk about witchcraft itself. This paper will also include how witchcraft may affect us in the modern day. The history of witchcraft goes as far back as the early days of humankind.The first witch hunt was in 1022 A.D when they burned one witch. A…

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  • Witch Trials: The People Of The Salem Witch Trials

    The People of Salem The Salem witch trial was a period of time where the citizens of Salem (mostly women) were persecuted of witchcraft. The panic took place around February of 1692 to May of 1693. The occupants of Salem were mostly Purist, Protestants who left the Roman Catholic Church due to corruption during the reformation period. They were a group of hard working individuals who were heavily God fearing. During the trials 19 people were executed, from either hanging or body pressing. Among…

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  • Conclusion Of The Salem Witch Trials

    In the village of Salem an envious girl, Abigail Williams and her followers started what was one of the greatest mass hysteria of the time. Abigail, a very selfish and manipulative liar, was found dancing in the forest with a group of other young women and this is what sparked it all. After the incident, many of the villagers began to think the girls were possessed with the devil. The accused girls then began to confess to being possessed and started to accuse other villagers of being…

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  • Conflicts In The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were a series of trials and accusations of over 100 people. This event still fascinates and baffles historians and people alike to this day. Things escalated and spiraled out of control and the cause of that is still a mystery. However, there are many possible causes to the hysteria which translated into numerous innocent people being accused of witchcraft. Conflict was very prevalent in Salem, Massachusetts during the time of the accusations. This conflict…

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  • Puritans In The Salem Witch Trials

    Salem is famous for the Witch Trials in the 1600’s. The Puritans had very strict beliefs concerning witchcraft. The punishment for witchcraft was a capital offense, punishable by death. Many residents of Salem were hanged because they had no substantial evidence to prove their innocence. All who were accused of witchcraft had a chance to confess guilt and ultimately escape death. Although confession seemed to be a viable option, for many it was not. After admission of guilt, the people who…

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  • Essay On The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials are known as some of the most notorious and infamous phenomena to ever occur in early American history. Historians who have studied these series of events have yet to determine an exact cause(s) as to why these events occurred. One explanation is that in Salem, people would accuse victims based on superstitions or unexplained events rather than use scientifically proven facts. Consequently, this flaw, along with a religiously-based court system and biased trials led to…

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