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  • Reflective Essay: My Work

    My Work Paper SImply speaking, my work looks like a combination of material consideration, modern iterations of historical motifs, utility, and original inspiration. My objects are made, predominantly, out of wood with occasional use of metal and plastic. Traditionally speaking my objects are a product of a fluid process. I have an idea in mind when I start, I look at images or have a moment of imagination that is the impetus, then I make sketches. As I work, the limitations of the material,…

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  • Analysis Of Tackling The Canine Obesity Crisis

    Over recent years, pet dogs have becoming fatter and fatter which is leading to suffering worldwide. Dr. Charlotte Brassey is an animal biologist as well as veterinary service owner who is concerned for and wants the best for dogs that the human race calls their best friends. Through her article “Tackling the Canine Obesity Crisis”, Dr. Brassey uses many forms of rhetoric effectively to convince her audience of others in her profession around the world to take action in the resolution in this…

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  • Summary: The Design Of Georgian Tea Caddies

    The Designs of Georgian Tea Caddies This essay provides a brief introduction to the history of the arrival of tea into England and the subsequent development of the use and design of tea caddies during the Georgian and Regency periods. The essay concludes with the examination of the designs of two Georgian tea caddies. Introduction of Tea into England Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese wife of King Charles II, introduced tea drinking to the English Royal Court in 1662…

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  • Relationship Between Media And Crime

    Violent crimes have become a constant part of today’s media. As the interest of crimes continues to grow, the question of how crime is portrayed within the media influences on the public begins to rise. Others have pondered this question and searched for answers. Through research and several studies the authors of “Constructing Crime: Media, Crime and Popular Culture”, the authors of “Setting the Public Fear Agenda: A longitudinal Analysis of Network TV Crime reporting, Public Perceptions of…

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  • Analysis Of Under House Arrest By Yusef Komunyakaa

    Never Betray Beliefs In Komunyakaa’s “Under House Arrest” he describes a situation where the narrator is stuck in his home. The narrator is describing his discontent and need to fight will dreading the awful position that he is in. He wishes that he could be outside and free from his shackles; however, he refuses to turn back on the actions he took and will end up taking. Because of this, the message the Komunyakaa is trying to get across is that no matter the situation, no matter the pain the…

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  • Racism In The 20th Century

    like buying their own house, creating their own businesses,1 and many other options were vehemently protested by racist white men who still wanted the feel of superiority over minority races.1 The sickening actions like the razing of the black city Rosewood, Florida in 19231 and the destruction of the “Black Wall Street,”1 are horrid examples of ways racists would keep the minority population down to a low simmer, but what kind of reparations shall we giveth for what we have taketh?…

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  • Broken Country

    Personal Essay Education is perhaps the most important service a country can provide to its people. Education leads to development, innovation, and growth; and also opens countless doors for people. Having educated people allows for the country to run in its most productive state, because its citizens are running in their own most productive state. Many times in this course we have discussed the how in order for liberation to happen education is what is needed. As Freire explains it, in an…

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  • Personal Narrative: Pretty Little Lias

    to them, I’ve also lied to my loved ones about how I was being bullied. Others judged the girls based off their past mistakes, people judge me based off my mistakes as well. The girls went away for five years for college and then they came back to Rosewood, I’ve went away on a trip to find out if I could actually be happy again and finally feel I could learn a new detail I never new about myself. I actually succeeded in doing that and so did the characters in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, but only for…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Blacks Reparations

    The United States of America should not pay blacks Reparations. One reason they shouldn’t pay them Reparations because there's no reason to pay the people in today's world they didn’t have to go through the slavery and knows what it feel like to be held up, traded for goods and to be beaten. That's why i argue that the blacks today should not be paid reparations. Reparation means the making of money for a wrongdoing. In the early 2000’s Reparations was given to veterans and diverse leaders.…

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  • Get Faster Guitar Playing

    and sleek looking, and both come with painted black pickguards and headstocks. For an entry level guitar, it is nice looking. The neck of the Ibanez GRX20 is made of maple, and is bolted onto the body. The fretboard, on the other hand, is made of rosewood. In an effort to save on production costs, Ibanez decided to reduce the number of frets to twenty two regulars instead of twenty four jumbos, and make the inlays pearloid dots. All of the hardware, including the tuning heads and tremolo bridge,…

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