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  • Explanations: Propeller Crab

    claw resembling a fiddle, hence its name. 2.) Millipede-I knew this was millipede because it had 2 pairs of legs on each body segment, attached to the underside of its body. It also had spiracles on the underside of its body. Plants 1.) Rose-I knew this was a rose because it had multiple stamens, leaves that grew in alternate patterns on the stems, symmetric, unconnected petals that count up to four or five, prickles on the stems and bisexual reproductive parts. 2.) Azalea-I knew this was an…

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  • Nature In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

    Hester Pryne has spent several months in. Outside of this prison, is a rose bush Hawthorne describes the bush, “On one side of the portal [gate to the prison] and rooted almost at the threshold, was a wild rose bush, covered,…

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  • Flower Symbolism In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    Universally accepted as symbols of beauty, flowers are often used to symbolize love. Although beautiful, they are of a delicate nature that can only survive temporarily in this world. Often people observe their magnificence in the seclusion of gardens, where they are rarely left to grow freely. Contained within flowers are manifold functional uses, but their purpose is confined to being observed for their beauty, much like what was expected of women. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a man…

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  • Theme Of Love In To Kill A Mockingbird

    Love blossoms like a flower. There are so many different ways and places for the flowers to prosper, just like how love is found in many quantities all around the world. Flowers are often hidden away, like in someone’s backyard where they can only be seen by a select few, just like how love is hidden from the view of some until they choose to open up their eyes a bit wider. After writing To Kill A Mockingbird (TKAM), the author, Harper Lee, when asked to describe her novel, portrayed it as “a…

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  • The Scarlet Letter Symbolism

    The way her child, Pearl, had viewed the letter on Hester’s bosom was definitely not the same of how the villagers saw it. Symbolism without a doubt is very important in this novel and here are the ways it has been shown. First and foremost, the rose bush and the letter have a curious similarity in symbolism. The first obvious similarity…

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  • A Bad Encounter Essay

    wouldn’t tell me what it was. So I good-bye to all of my friends and went into work When I walked through the door, on the counter was a bouquet roses. They were bright yellow and hot pink roses and the edges of the petals were lined with silver glitter. I didn’t have a boyfriend at this time so this was much unexpected. There in the middle of the roses was a cherry red, sparkly envelope with my name written on it in big letters.…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate In The Novel Like Water For Chocolate

    The novel Like Water for Chocolate takes place on a ranch in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution during 1910-1917. The book contains many characters with many characteristics. Tita, the main character, is a young eighteen year old female that lives with her mother, Mama Elena, on their ranch. Tita is the youngest daughter in her family. She has two sisters, Rosaura and Gertrudis. According to the family tradition, the youngest daughter, which happens to be Tita, cannot marry and has to take…

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  • Guilt, Sin, And Redemption In The Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    especially through the symbols of roses and rosebushes. Hester Prynne, the main sinner, is represented by these roses bushes when she walks out of the jail and a rosebush is flourishing. Through the novel Pearl and Hester are both referred to as “a wild rose-bush” at some point (Hawthorne 46). Unlike her mother, Pearl is not a sinner, but merely a symbol of Hester’s sin. Pearl also is represented by the rosebush outside of the jail, and she is also represented by the roses that she desperately…

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  • Scarlet Letter Pearl Symbolism

    Throughout The Scarlet Letter, Pearl isn’t meant to be a realistic character but a complicated symbol that portrays an act of love and passion. Hester and Dimmesdale loved each other very much and through their love they produced a pearl. A pearl is a very beautiful and rare object that can be made from something dirty and unwanted, but that can flourish into something beautiful and their Pearl is exactly that. Hester will forever love and cherish her Pearl, “But she named the infant “Pearl,” as…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Father's Death

    to see my dad and when I walked into the room it was so quiet there was no noise. He had an American flag laid over the bottom of his casket. There were red poinsettias and white roses everywhere. I could smell the scent of the roses before I ever had walked in. To the right of the room was a glass table with white roses and a book to sign. On the left side of the room where…

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