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  • Ebooks. Com Case Study

    aforementioned, this is a Chinese site and hence caters the needs of people living in China. Auctions don't form a huge base of transactions held at taobao. Usually, the goods sold are the ones which have fixed prices. Type of E-commerce: Consumer to Consumer Consumer to consumer e-commerce conducts transaction through internet between two consumer, where one of them offers services or products and the other benefits from the services or buys the others products. At Taobao, the user finds the…

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  • Interactive Media Case Study

    2.1.1 The different types of interactive media Interactive media makes use of many platforms both digital, as well as print. Digital media consists of Websites, video, audio,interactive whiteboards, cellphones and tablets. One common form of digital interactive media seen everyday is the interactive way-finding systems placed in shopping centers. These large screens provide shoppers with a more interactive and entertaining way of understanding the layout of the malls shops and entertainment…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of GPS Technology

    One of the foremost changing technology trends of the past decade is the accessibility and growing anticipation of universal connectivity. Whether it is for checking email, carrying a voice conversation, web browsing, or innumerable other use cases, we now expect to be able to access these online services regardless of location, time, or circumstance: standing in line, on the run, , on a subway, while at the office or in flight, and everywhere in between. Today, we still must be proactive in…

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  • Home Decor Furniture Case Study

    Internet will produce technological challenges. Ignorance to environment and compliance issues. Inadequate wood seasoning arrangement Opportunities Increase the new channel of distribution. Growing in number of online users. New technologies in E-commerce. Loyalty to premium brands. Threats Large number of indirect competitors in the market. Government regulation. Economic factors will indirectly affect the purchasing power of the buyers. Industry is overtaking carpentry which may result in…

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  • Computer Industry: Sustainability And Competitive Environment Of Dell

    theoretical concepts 3 Competitive environment of Dell Company 4 Impact of Globalization on the Dell Company 4 Sustainability and Globalization factors of Dell 5 Mass customization and Globalization 5 Outsourcing and Business Model 5 Internet and e-commerce 5 New technologies to support sustainable computing 6 Market and distribution trend 6 Dell_ the leading Company 6 Computer Industry and Dell 6 Structure and coherence 7 Conclusion 8 References 8 Executive Summary Computer Industry is…

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  • Elgiganten A/S Case Study

    Opgave 1) Virksomhedsanalyse 1.1: As stated in the article, Elgiganten A/S has been the most anticipated online-shop in Denmark for 3 years in a row. They’ve used a concept which’ve given the opportunity for customers to not only shop in their in-store shops typically located in large malls or on renowned streets, but also online, which’ve lead to a positive outcome. The article also states that Elgiganten A/S were the first company in their competitive market margin to start online-shops,…

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  • Shopping Cart Case Study

    DIGITAL PARTS.CA E-COMMERCE WEBSITE About Us DIGITAL PARTS.CA has been a dominant leader in the sales of computer parts and accessories. We a group of enthusiasts, committed to be the most sort after and loved website in Computer parts purchases. E-Commerce website designed and tuned for those with superior shopping, rapid delivery and stellar customer service, aspire the sales of computer accessories over others. DIGITAL PARTS.CA E-Commerce website offer convenient one-stop website to buy the…

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  • Advantages Of FMCG Brands

    Reasons for losing out FMCG brands through online: As powerful a marketing medium as the Internet is, its potential for targeting and engaging traditional supermarket shoppers is at best variable for FMCG brands seeking to gain new customers and sell products. This is because everyday FMCG brands in the foods, beverages, pet food, household and personal care categories are typically low involvement purchases requiring little more than momentary thought before consumers add them to their…

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  • Takashimaya Case Study

    3.1 The rise of electronic commerce Traditional retail shops and brick-and-mortar businesses globally have been hit hard with the rise of electronic commerce (or e-commerce). The high penetration of technology has increased consumers’ consumption on online platforms thus contributing to the rapid increase of e-commerce. Takashimaya, being a traditional retailer, should consider this trend as its weakness is high dependence on its domestic market, Japan. Furthermore, it also faces intense…

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  • Amazon Research Paper

    question “ Has big data improved amazon as a company?” The objectives of this assignment is to examine why the timeline of amazon is relevant to big data. An additional objective is to explore whether amazon have met the needs of its customers through e-commerce and whether the technology in place can be deemed beneficial to the company. An additional objective is to determine if any ethical or security issues are involved. This will be determined by academic sources as this should give an…

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