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  • Jimbob's Painting Analysis

    JimBob’s Painting is a one of a kind painting business, with a one of a kind owner. I am Austin JimBob Lewis, and I am the owner of JimBob’s Painting. Even though I am only 19 years old, I have been known all of my life as a hard working individual that gives it his all and that is exactly what I do when I am working for my customers. Being the creator and owner of JimBob’s Painting has allowed me to experience many situations. Those experiences have been varied to say the least, but with the…

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  • Retail Store Analysis Essay

    Have you ever think about why retail stores are arranged in a certain way? That is because they want people to buy their products that they are selling on their market. Having a happy customer is what all retail businesses wants to have. However, in order to make it happen, they should know exactly what the consumer 's needs and wants. That is exactly what the retail anthropologist does; they observe consumers’ shopping routine for them to determine how they would construct and where would they…

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  • Online Business Challenges

    digital era, the online marketing is becoming the major tool to reach customers; but the one dominant issue is that marketers will feel rather difficult to catch the psychological status of the consumers, which shall influence the effectiveness of e-commerce strategies. Besides, the website technology invested is also one factor as Mohammed (2010) points out that if the downloading speed through the website is slow, then it is rather impossible for the users to still keep staying on the website…

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  • Security And Payment In E-Business Analysis

    E-Business Marketing: - E-Commerce is a type of business which mostly involve with online shopping. It involves the transfer of information over the internet by allowing customers to connect, exchange goods and services electronically all over the world. It is widely spread as people are showing interest towards them because of its low price for good products. Customers are getting attracted to e-commerce sites because of wider variety of products with competitive…

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  • The Importance Of E-Commerce

    The Internet has grown in popularity and so has electronic commerce (e-commerce). In e-commerce, a consumer exchanges money for products or services via the Internet or, more simply stated, e-commerce occurs when a customer purchases something off of the Internet. After a consumer browses a website and makes a purchase decision, there is a process which accepts their order; the software that manages this process is known as a shopping cart (sometimes referred to as a shopping basket or shopping…

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  • Effects Of Online Shopping

    Does online shopping cause us to spend more money? : Isn 't it phenomenal how convenient online shopping is? Shoppers can browse through items without deserting the comfort of their own house. The world is being augmented constantly. As the world expands, people are given a broader amount of resources to obtain. A plethora of items are exchanged every minute of the day. For instance, what is scarce in Japan is what is reliable in Canada. Countries are exchanging and selling their resources all…

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  • Advantages Of Online Commercial Centers

    2. Commercial centers: - Commercial centers, for example, eBay and Amazon are destinations are an ease arrangement offering showcasing instruments that give your items more visibility. The incredible advantage of utilizing commercial centers to rundown and offer your items on is that you get moment introduction to universal purchasing activity. It is anything but difficult to list your items including pictures and your conveyance subtle elements, and you are headed to offering your item online…

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  • Importance Of Electronic Business

    currently using the Internet and electronic commerce rapidly growing, electronic business is quickly becoming an essential strategy for companies to consider implementing. It is an initiative of immense impact, one that changes every aspect of the way traditional business is run. E-business is a broad concept that includes all the uses of information technology in business. It extends beyond the selling and purchasing of goods on the Internet that is e-commerce, involving the servicing of…

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  • Importance Of Online Commerce

    enough to say you an Ecommerce expert. The facts and facet of this platform is large which makes it today’s most successful running business in the online industry. What actually is an Ecommerce business? Actually the term ecommerce or electronic commerce relates with the transfer of information over the internet. It works for trading in…

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  • Eco Friendly Venture Ecourier Case Study

    Eco-friendly venture eCourier Country’s first-ever online logistic support service provider Syed Rabius Shams Youth entrepreneurship is a buzz issue nowadays in Bangladesh. Many students and recent graduates are fervent to found a startup rather than to go job market. This is a fabulous scene of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. Aspirants are working to develop Apps, running e-com sites, fintech, edutech, media startup and so forth. Consequently, smooth logistical operations have…

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