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  • Julius Caesar's Political Career

    Political Career of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar is known as one of the greatest military minds of all time, he is also given credit for laying out the foundation of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar is thought to been have born around 100 B.C. His family was a senatorial, patrician family. His uncle was actually another famous Roman general, Marius. When he was sixteen his father Marius had past away and Julius Caesars life became quite difficult, however he turned everything around and began…

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  • Battle Of Actium Essay

    culture, the Roman Empire has carved its name into history. One of the most significant events in Roman history include the Battle of Actium; a battle that decidedly ended Roman Republic and began the foundation of the great Roman Empire. During the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar’s death in 44 BC sparked the struggle of power between Octavian and Mark Antony. As a result of this struggle, Octavian’s navy forces battled against Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII in 31 BC to take over the Roman Eastern…

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  • Assess The Impact Of Nero's Principate On Rome

    result, he arranged for her death, as he feared she was a threat to his Principate. Her ambitious nature and pride in her ancestry made her feel entitled to share in political power. According to Hurley, “until her death she represented the typical Roman matron exercising influence on her own son”. Nero was also starting to resent the criticism he received from her about his personal life and extravagant spending on the arts. Soon after this, Burrus died and Seneca withdrew from his position and…

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  • Religion In Virgil's Writings

    does he want?”. The messenger explains, “He wants you to write another story glorifying his rule and the Roman Empire, and he is willing to pay a large reward.” To himself, Virgil thinks, “I guess my old friend needs me again.” This is a real life event that Publius Vergilius Maro, also known as Virgil or Vergil, experienced numerous times throughout his life. His religion, love for the Roman Empire, and experiences with life during Caesar’s Civil War and Augustus’s reign, all affect his…

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  • Military Medical Practices

    The medical practices of the roman army grew to be highly complex and structured over time. These medical practices allowed for the army to be highly successful because they allowed for the wounded to be treated efficiently, and quickly in order to return to the battlefield. The origins of military medicine begin with the basic need for survival. From 300 B.C., which was the begging of the Early Roman Army, until 30 B.C. and the start of Roman Imperial Army the wounded often treated themselves…

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  • How Did Julius Caesar Changed Rome

    Taking Over Rome: Someone Was Going to Do It "Greatness might have cost the Romans their freedom, but it gave them the world" - Tom Holland Julius Caesar completely changed Rome. He initiated transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Without this morph in government, Ancient Roman culture as it is known to the modern world never would have existed. This is because the Pax Romana, during which Roman culture really developed, would not have been started by Augustus if…

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  • Augustus Wealth Analysis

    This won him great loyalty and admiration from the masses, but it also benefited all Roman citizens serving in the army, regardless of their existing wealth or nationality, meaning even the lower class legionaries from Italy would benefit in the same way their wealthier comrades would have done (although perhaps not to the same extent).…

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  • The Roman Army In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    planning to attack the Roman army. The Belgic tribes were afraid of the Roman army slowly conquering the whole of Gaul, as they already possessed the south. The Belgic tribes figured that the Roman army would eventually reach northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where the Belgic tribes lived. The ideas of the Belgic tribes were supported by leaders of tribes which now lie underneath Caesar’s feet. There was only one who thought it would be a good idea to let the Romans rule the whole of…

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  • What Role Does Violence Play In Roman Culture Essay

    The role violence had to play in Roman culture and society was a major role in the development. All throughout Rome’s history there has been many instances where violence has affected Rome’s development in their culture and how it has shaped the society. History is every changing, it all depends on the actions of the individuals, and the consequences of those actions. In this essay, I will be talking about the instances and consequences where violence has played in the development of culture and…

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  • Agustus Compare Contrast Essay

    This essay will discuss the question of whether equestrians were more important than senators in the running of the empire. Here, I have interpreted importance to mean the degree to which they were integral to Roman imperial administration. That being said, I shall evaluate the role of both the Senate and individual equestrians under the Julio-Claudian emperors. I will investigate Augustus’ granting of rights to equestrians that permitted them to enter Egypt and Arminius being an equestrian in…

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