Role of effective communication in customer service Essay

  • Importance Of Improving Customer Service

    Improving Customer Service Mark Ott Malone University Abstract The topic of improving customer service and communication is a subject of research interest. The outside corporate customer sales group is the interface with the end customer. The commercial sales group has functioned well in the past. However, with the increase in manufacturing capability and the large scale global footprint, customers have started to complain about the overall customer service and communication of the organization. This paper provides research relating to the importance of outstanding customer service, and the advantages that are gained when improving its effectiveness. This document also emphasizes the importance of communication along with leadership styles and techniques that will be required in order to implement the changes to achieve the goal of delighting the customer base. Keywords: customer service, communication, leadership styles Improving Customer Service The outside corporate customer sales department at…

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  • The Importance Of Business Communication

    INTRODUCTION Communication is an important part of everyday life. It can be used in almost every activity of Human life. Communication is the exchange and flow of information and idea from one person to others. It has impact in almost every politic, social, and economic life. In business life, communication is an important aspect to build, operate, and develop the company. It also can affect the sales, benefit, and advertising the goods or services of the company. Nowadays, communication has…

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  • E Marketing Case Study

    advertising products and services by use of internet. The developments in the field of technology have played a big role in making e marketing possible and more importantly efficient. There are dramatic changes particularly in the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customers. Use of interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, and website has facilitated this effective communication in the process of marketing. Businesses have flourished because of internet marketing since there are…

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  • 1.1 Explain The Importance Of Effective Communication In Customer Service Essay

    verbally with customers. 1.1 Explain the importance of effective communication in customer service Effective communication skills are highly important in a customer service environment. Good communication skills will help you build a great relationship with your customers in a way that reflects positively on the company and will keep your customers happy with the service they are receiving. The majority of people think of communication as the ability to speak clearly and to be understood.…

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  • The Importance Of Listening

    to establish effective communication channels, care providers must start by listening (Hinton & Schaeffer, 1994). Understanding customers’ needs and expectations is only possible if special attention is committed to exercising good listening skills. The problem is that the healthcare industry is characterized by having a paternalistic culture in which healthcare professionals are used to listen to themselves, not to their patients. Before the patient has finished his/her statement, the care…

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  • The Effects Of Communication Skills On A Customer Service Relationship

    Communication is the transfer of messages from one individual to another (Davies, 2016, slide 4). It is an effective usage of teamwork and delivery of customer service (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004). Thus, effective communication skills can positively impact a customer service relationship. This essay analyses the communication behaviour of the customer service representative (CSR). The paper, explains why the behaviour was inappropriate/ inadequate and how it had a negative impact on the…

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  • Leadership And Employee Satisfaction

    Understanding customer needs as well as motivating employees is a challenge that has been facing business leaders in the competitive world of business (Johnson, 2013). The success of any business lies in providing excellent service to its customers. However, most of the leaders have a problem with understanding the complex as well as changing needs of the customers. Leaders may find themselves in the risk of having outdated policies that fail to meet the emerging needs of the customers. Such…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Communication In The Workplace

    “The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response.”- Milton Erickson. We speak to each other on a daily basis. Communication is how we communicate our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Businesses use communication to delegate tasks to employees or let its employees know their expectations. They spend millions of dollars each year on trainings on how to effectively communicate. Businesses know the value of having proper leaders that can effectively…

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  • Recruitment, Resourcing And Recruitment

    your resources to attract employees who are likely to stay with the company thus having a knock on effect on retention. 5.9.1 Administer assessment events, arrange logistics for assessors and candidates and collate information for assessors. I was recently involved in an assessment centre for a new finance team, the day involved various tasks and I was responsible for collating the scores for each candidate in each area of the assessment day. The scores were then used to make a decision on…

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  • Role Of Technology In Customer Service Industry

    later we all have a different perspective of what it means to be a service leader but remain aware of how important an interaction with a customer can be (Wolcott).” Customer service is an always-changing industry but the main objective stays the same. Technology plays a major role in the customer service industry. Before social media became a big part of customer’s lives the customer service industry was your basic call center with representatives giving help or addressing issues. Now with…

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