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  • Essay On Authentic Rock Music

    When most people think of rock as a genre of music, their thoughts range from thinking about classic rock to heavy metal rock. Within this genre are a variety of subgenres that people know and associate as rock. Once you ask the person specifically what kind of rock they enjoy, will they then mention a subgenre. Rock started off as a specific genre, but over the years it has branched off into more specific genres, because new ones evolved from those before it. This brings up the debate of what…

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  • African American Impact And Exclusion In Rock Music

    As an avid music listener and frequent concert goer, I have noticed the lack of diversity throughout the rock, specifically alternative, music scene. No matter the style, there are relatively few Black artists gaining success in rock music, despite the historical impact African Americans have made on the genre. There are many possible causes for this racial divide in something as easily accessible as music, starting in the early roots of rock and continuing through the 20th and 21st centuries.…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Rock Music

    “Rock music, also known as "rock and roll," is a type of music that developed from rock ‘n’ roll and uses a heavy regular beat, electric guitars, singing, and a tune that is easy to remember, which became popular in the 1950s in America and Europe” (Macmillan dictionary) Nowadays, rock & roll is one of the most popular genres of music all over the world, but the majority of listeners of this type of music do not know how it affects their psychology. There is a lot of debate about the fact…

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  • Rock Music Effect On Memory

    Classical music is more harmonic while rock music is more rhythmic. Rhythmic music makes listeners more passionate, raising adrenaline, while harmonic music makes listeners more contemplative. Studies have shown that exposure to rock music causes learning and memory retention problems because the rhythm acts in the same way a drug do. However, the brain does create a strong association between rock music and what is happening visually when you hear the song. So, regardless of conditions, when…

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  • Rock N Roll Music Influence On American Culture

    Rock n’ Roll music has had a major influence on the American culture and it has been an influence to other genres of music. The music has helped bands and the people after WWII and the Vietnam War, it has also changed America entirely. The way that Rock n’ Roll music had an impact on America was that it started a trend. It made people express themselves better by changing the way they dressed, the dance styles, or the way that they acted or what they did that made them stand out in the crowd.…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Rock Music

    Throughout the years music of many different kinds have been born. Their is pop, country, rap, and rock. Rock music was born and very popular in the 80’s. And through the years it has grown. One thing about rock music is that they are usually written by the band and not with help, and they tell a story about the bands life. Todays pop and rap are more so up beat and good songs, but they don’t always have a meaning behind them. Rock music is away to let go and tell people about yourself. And as…

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  • Rock Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

    Music is all around us, playing in shopping malls, on television, in elevators, and stored on our personal electronic devices. Music has the ability to change one’s mood to either positive or negative based on the genre and the lyrics a song. To determine if there is a correlation between music genres and deviant behavior, researchers Jeffery Lozon and Moshe Bensimon examines genres as alternative rock, hard rock, heavy metal, hip-hop/rap, punk rock, rock and electronic/techno to see if it…

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  • Difference Between Pop Rock And Country Music

    Pop, Rock, and Country music has changed a lot throughout the decades especially since the 1970’s and 80’s compared to 2016 music. Obviously I wasn’t born yet so all this research is from family members, the internet or conversations with people in local music shops. In the 70’s and 80’s you had a lot of good bands and musicians such as Aerosmith, Aero Speed Wagon, Billy Joel and a bunch of others that were great that we could name. The music types most people listened to in the 70’s and 80’s…

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  • Hip-Hop Music: Similarities Between Rock And Roll

    Music has evolved for many years and it has always been the key element of culture. When music first started evolving, people would design their own beats and styles to represent them as a group; however, when the world started evolving there was more equipment to use, such as drums, guitars, computers, pianos, bass player, and etc. Music helps construct self-images of people and express emotions within a group of people. Hip hop and rock and roll are two types of music genres that are capable…

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  • Rock Music Censorship Essay

    Rock music had come a long way throughout history, but some things didn’t change. One is still being looked down on by parents and officials for its terrible influence. From the pelvic thrust of Elvis Presley, sexual lyrics from Little Richard, political statements from, use of drugs, and many more which degrades moral values, people tried to restrict the music being reached to the young audience. There are other reasons that people want to censor music. The difference in ideologies, especially…

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