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  • How Did Rock And Roll Changed America During The 1960's

    music, rock and roll, which infiltrated society in either negative or positive way - an issue which is debated by scholars Altschuler and Oakley in Taking Sides. Their positions are controversial, Oakley states and affirms that while rock and roll brought juvenile delinquency up in the American society, it in fact was not a major enough movement to dismantle America’s traditional family. Although on the other hand, Altschuler disagrees with the author, taking on the position that rock and roll…

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  • Social Impact Of Rock N Roll

    Rock ‘n’ roll, the genre of music that swept a nation by storm in its inception. What was first used as a medium to rebel against parents for teenagers in a ultra-strict conservative era, glorifying sexual undertones and provocative themes eventually evolved into a tool used by rebellious youth and oppressed people, giving them a voice. Rock ‘n’ rolls social impact can be felt across multiple decades. During the 1950’s in Cleveland, Ohio, broadcasted through a radio show, rock ‘n’ roll was…

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  • Hip Hop Culture: Comparing Rock And Roll

    formative years, both Hip Hop and Rock and Roll have risen to become the two of the most widely consumed genres of music in present day America. They can both be traced back to similar origins ans each emerged during notable periods in history. However, through active development of these genres over the years, the core/base demographics of Rock and Roll and Hip Hop have moved to opposite ends of the colour spectrum. This essay seeks to compare and contrast Rock and Roll and Hip Hop according to…

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  • Civil Rights Movement In The 1950's Rock And Roll Movement

    World War II, and The Vietnam War ultimately led to the spark of the Rock and Counterculture movements throughout America, and the rest of the world. These two movements…

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  • Rise Of Rock And Roll

    f music, Rock & Roll, flourished throughout households in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This particular style of music appealed to teenagers at that specific time frame, however, Rock & Roll was quite distasteful to parents as it was believed to be a negative impact on adolescents. Jody Pennington and J. Ronald Oakley’s “Don't Knock the Rock: Race, Business, and Society in the Rise of Rock and Roll” depict the rise and fall of Rock & Roll and its social changes within the decade spiritually, physically…

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  • Rock And Roll Scandals

    There have been many scandals in the history of rock and roll. One that always comes to mind is the tragedy of the Altamont Speedway Free Festival in California on December 6, 1969. Many thought it would be the next Woodstock and in some ways it was. Approximately 300,000 fans attended and there were many acts scheduled such as Jefferson Airplane, Santana, and CSNY, with the Rolling Stones as the final act. Grateful Dead was scheduled to play, but cancelled just prior to stage time because of…

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  • Jazz Influence On Rock And Roll

    In order to understand the influence of jazz on rock and roll it is first important to understand the differences between jazz and rock and roll. Jazz is the several types of slave music combined together. Slaves sang jazz music to pass time on the plantations ("Jazz vs Rock"). Rock and roll has a standard three chord sequence. Rock and roll is a spin off of jazz, blues, and country music. ("Jazz vs Rock"). Both jazz and rock and roll have originated from blues but there are differences…

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  • Rock And Roll Unplugged Analysis

    “Rock and Roll Unplugged” "I know the evil feeling that you feel when you sing it. I know the lostposition that you get into in the beat. Well, if you talk to the average teenager of today and you ask them what it is about rock and roll music that they like, the first thing they'll say, is 'The beat, the beat, the beat!'"-Reverend Jimmy Snow, c. 1957. In the article “Rock and Roll Unplugged” it explains to us the major influence African music has had on the American culture throughout the…

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  • The Beatles: Influential Rock And Roll

    The Beatles were one of the most popular and influential rock and roll groups of all time. This iconic band blazed new trails for popular music through their relentless imaginative and experimental songs that caught attention on an international scale. The Beatles gained the hearts of millions in 1963, the start of Beatlemania, and continued to captivate their fans for the next seven years. Their total domination over the music industry remains unrivaled to this day due to their ability to…

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  • Essay On Folk Music

    Folk music can be defined as any style of music which represents a community. Folk music encompasses many aspects of human life; however, the main aspect of folk music focuses on hard times. As times change, folk music has evolved. Folk music has impacted many genres in the music industry and continues to impact the industry today. One of the most common genres that derived from folk music is bluegrass. Bluegrass music is defined as a type of folk music originating in Kentucky…

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