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  • Personal Narrative: My First Robotics Team

    flowing. Several students collected in the school auditorium started sharing their ideas. “Have arms that can move the totes,” suggested one kid. I decided to voice my idea and proposed a lift mechanism on a robot with Mecanum drive terrain, as Mecanum drive promises an extremely mobile and agile robot. Suddenly, a large amount of opposition flowed my way. “Our team has never had a good experience with Mecanum drive,” explained Graham, one of the captains. “It is a very hard to make it…

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  • Better Than Human Analysis

    Some may ask of the importance of robots without knowing how much they make use of them daily. Robots are able to undertake assignments that humans are incapable of doing, such as extremely tedious, or just larger tasks that require time that most people just do not have. Writer Kevin Kelly, in the article Better than Human, explains the way humans and robots interact, and how humans will continue to grow heavily dependent on them. Robots are given the jobs that humans are incapable, or just do…

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  • Brainbelt Essay

    Nowadays, many cities and regions developed so quickly and suddenly become worldwide influential areas. Some of them were even once called rustbelt, “areas that were former industrial citadels that had been hit hard by offshoring, suffered decline” (book). However, right now they were given a new name as “brainbelts”, the “centers of innovation and smart manufacturing” (book), which are also the hope for future business. All of the brainbelts have the following characteristics: “facing complex,…

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  • Should Artificial Intelligence Be Banned Research Paper

    With the advancement of modern technology, people’s lives have become much easier, and more comfortable. Robots have been created to facilitate people in doing various tasks in everyday life. Computers have been invented to do loads of things that were previously done manually by humans. In fact, robots and computers are also known as artificial intelligence, the digital mind run by modern machines. With this technological progress, people’s lives have changed remarkably. While this artificial…

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  • Smarter Than You Think Summary

    Kelly and Thompson: How High-technology Products Affect Humans Robots and artificial intelligence are the most rapidly developing high-technology products in recent years. These techniques have been and continue to be applied to an expansive range of problems that arise in medical diagnosis, e-commerce, mathematics, etc. However, how technology promotes our cognitive abilities―making us smarter, more productive, and more creative than ever before? Clive Thompson, a Brooklyn-based technology…

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  • Why Do People Use Robotics Benefit For Humanity?

    precaution should we take when robotics age coming. Robotics for individual Nowadays robots have been infiltrating our lives. There are everywhere, anywhere, even there are one in front of you (The Atlantic 2014). If you don 't believe it, look at your hands. Do you realize that your Smartphone in your hand is considered a robot? Well it doesn 't looks like our average robots on the market. However if we considering robot as something that good at doing specific task, our phone is. It help us…

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  • Happy Mini At Girls Art Project Analysis

    The goal of Happy Mini @ Girls Art Project is to create a home robot which will make family and society happy. We believe our resource and technology are not meant to build war or battle robots. Through robotics, we aim to promote a socie-tal change in which we take full advantage of engineering and science to help sustain household happiness allowing family members to share the enjoyment of life in a beloved community. As a home robot, Happy mini has unique features: its cute design (e.g.,…

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  • All Can Be Lost By Nicholas Carr Analysis

    What Impacts do Robots Really Make? In “All Can Be Lost,” Nicholas Carr, writer of NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Wired, warns that the advancement in technology can lead to the deterioration of human skills. Carr explains that humans are so involved in finding ways for robots and drones to do their jobs that they are forgetting how to innovate and translate information into knowledge. Losing the ability to translate information also limits humans from being able to think deeper and try and…

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  • Better Than Human Summary

    Kelly the author of “Better than Human: Why Robots Will-and Must-Take Our Jobs” brings up a topic that has been in the minds of middle-class Americans for the past 10 years. The fear of technology taking our jobs and not just that but doing better than us is a topic that is in early development but it seems like every day new and better technology is being invented and that topic comes closer and closer to being a huge problem. Kelly’s argument that robots/technology will take over our jobs,…

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  • Descent Of Man Analysis

    precondition for the perpetration of sustained injustices, especially slavery, genocide, and racial subjugation. Humanity’s predisposition toward dehumanization can be well supported by an in depth analysis drawn by the written works of “Rossum’s Universal Robots”, by Karel Capek, and the combination of Charles Darwin’s “The Descent…

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