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  • Joe Reliford: Making Baseball History

    Joe Reliford Joe Reliford is known for making baseball history. He is the youngest person to be known to play in a professional baseball game. He lived through tough times, and for blacks it was hard for them to make a living off of something other than working on farms and sharecropping. Joe lost his dad at an early stage in life. He had never lost hope and confidence in being a batboy for a team. Joe got turned down once by a team, but the all-white pioneers were hiring anyone. Joe had joined…

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  • Jackie Robinson Interview Questions

    Jackie Robinson is the player who changed baseball forever. He was the guy who broke the color barrier in the Major leagues. He joined the league back in 1947. He was a role model to many people. He was a sign of hope to all African Americans people. Interview First Question: Jackie what made you want to become a baseball player? Jackie: It started from when I was a kid. My brother Mac was into sports so I followed his foot steps and joined him. I played football, basketball, baseball, and…

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  • Jackie Robinson: A Key Player In The Civil Rights Movement

    Jackie Robinson was a key player in the Civil Rights Movement here in America, by being the first black man to be part of the then primarily white-exclusive MLB. He rose above the blatant racism and hatred which he was faced with everyday, and continued on his path for success. Jackie Robinson is the human embodiment of the phrase, 'taking the highroad' and because of this, solidified his place as being one of the most important figures in the time. He serves as an example for all that you must…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

    Jackie Robinson stated ,¨ A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives.¨ Jackie Robinson took his own advice to heart. Throughout his lifetime he tried to set an example for other African American athletes. Robinson fought for what was right and broke a color barrier to play professional baseball. Robinson, the first African American major league baseball player, not only aided the Dodgers in winning the world series, but he was also a positive influence for black…

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  • Hank Aaron: A Great Baseball Player

    Braves to their first World Series Championship in 1957 Hank Aaron was their leading hitter with a .322 batting average. Hank Aaron did not want to replace all the great baseball players like Babe Ruth and Moses Fleetwood Walker also known as Jackie Robinson. He just wanted to be known as a great player. Hank Aaron was a big contributor to American society and has a great significance in American history. Hank Aaron’s life was influenced by his youth when he had grown a major obsession with…

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  • What Is Jackie Robinson's Legacy

    “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”.A true measurement of a legend is his legacy that is left behind. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was considerably one of the most influential and successful african americans, not only as an athlete but as a civil rights icon. Jackie was born on January 31st in Cairo Chicago. At the time when Jackie was growing up racism was at its peak. Jackie grew up with his mom after his dad left the family. He then moved to Pasadena,California,he…

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  • Essay On Life Changing Experiences

    people through their lives and their society as to their decisions. The life changing experiences are stated in “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Pattillo Beals, “I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson, “The Father Of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maskel who is referring to Feng Ru. Melba Pattillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru all encountered life changing experiences to impact their lives and countries. Melba Pattillo Beals, an African American, changed education for all races. Melba was…

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  • Eminem's Rise To The American Dream

    The American Dream has never been defined as a relevant term. Some interesting people who have come close to fulfilling it are Eminem, Jackie Robinson, and Ice Cube. These are men who have overcome their horrid situations in life to go from “rags to riches”. Some people believe the dream is dead, but if someone asked one of these people they would disagree. Marshal Mathers, aka Eminem, came from a trailer park in Saint Joseph, Missouri (Eminem Biography). He…

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  • Unbroken Character Traits Of Forgiveness

    Character traits a Louie zamperini Did you know that 33% of POWS died in POW camps that Louie was in but Louie still made it through? Louie started out as a troubled kid who stole things, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes. Then his brother convinced him to do track and he was great at it. He set records and was also the youngest to ever go to the olympics. He came in 8th place in the Olympics. The book I am talking about is Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand). The two traits that I think…

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  • Characteristics Of The American Dream

    The American Dream constantly changes over time. From the time of the Founding Fathers, the American Dream was simply freedom and independence. For the people, the dream was to strive to be the best. For America, the dream was to be considered a model for other countries. Today, America arguably is not the strongest country compared China, or the United Kingdom. But America is still considered a great influence. Many ideas of the American Dream change as a result of this. The ideas of wealth,…

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