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  • What Is Gerald Ford's Involvement In The Watergate Scandal

    For this history investigation I will be discussing the controversial question regarding Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. I will start by explaining the events that led to Nixon’s pardoning, which is his suspected involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Then I will discuss the actual pardon and what Ford’s speech said. Lastly, I will explain how the pardon protected the Presidency and stopped tension from arising in the United States. The method I will use to prove if the pardon was right or…

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  • Napoleon Corruption

    Preliminary Statement This reflective piece identifies the main source of corruption to be power. The references I have mainly linked this to are the police force and political leaders as they are some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet. The form of writing taken in this paper is an opinion article. I chose this because it 's an interesting form of writing and it allows me to voice my opinion better on this topic. I have used rhetorical questions to make this paper more…

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  • Gerald Ford's Economic Success

    the ranks of the offices without even being elected to the official positions. Due to the watergate scandal, Richard Nixon, became the first United States president to resign from office otherwise he would have been removed from office through impeachment. Gerald Ford probably lost a lot of his popularity due to his support of Richard Nixon and for pardoning him. Due to Ford’s support of Nixon, he was not elected to be president…

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  • 1972 Watergate Scandal

    known for its enduring impact on American during the year of 1972. It grew into a wide-ranging political scandal of burglary at the Washington Complex office which eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The Watergate involved illegal activity that was designed to help Nixon win the reelection in the 1972 presidential elections. A team was put together to commit burglary, wire-tapping and sabotaging during this election. Watergate also had a cover-up conduct that caused a…

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  • Lyndon B Johnson Blame For The Vietnam War Analysis

    Johnson equal Harry S. Truman? Of course not, each president had different levels of involvement, and such the blame should not be equally shared. Lyndon B. Johnson should be held the most responsible for the lives, and money lost followed by Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the least accountable Harry S. Truman. Lyndon B. Johnson deserves the most blame in the disaster of the Vietnam War. Johnson ignored John F. Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal plan and continued…

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  • The Watergate Scandal Analysis

    8, 1974, President Richard Nixon became the first President to resign from his position. He was facing impeachment and criminal trial for the Watergate Scandal. With no where to turn and his options run out, Nixon gave his last speech as President, where he resigned and apologized to the nation. Nixon’s resignation speech does not meet the expectations of a fitting response, as defined by Lloyd Bitzer, for the rhetorical situation he was in following the Watergate scandal. Nixon attempts to…

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  • Analysis Of Nixon's Flawed Search For Peace By Melvin Small

    In the essay Nixon’s Flawed Search for Peace by Melvin Small, he criticizes some of Richard Nixon’s Vietnam policies. Small had a rather bitter view of Richard Nixon suggesting some interesting points about how his policies and procedures did not follow through in the correct way. When Nixon first came in to office he wanted to end the Vietnam war and bring our troops home. Doing this would be difficult for him because he wanted to portray to the American people that we won the war, even though…

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  • The 1974 Scandal

    When the New York Times published the first papers of the infamous “pentagon papers” outlining America’s involvement in Vietnam, Then President Richard Nixon demanded that the publication be stopped. The Supreme Court ignored the request, citing the constitutional right to freedom of speech. Americans were surprised to discover the…

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  • Analysis Of President Nixon's Address To The Nation On Vietnam

    large number of casualties. As a result of the amount of American casualties during the Vietnam War, President Richard M. Nixon decided to withdraw the majority of American troops that were fighting in Vietnam at the time. President Nixon announced his decision on withdrawing the majority of American troops during his speech, “Address to the Nation on Vietnam”. In this speech, president Nixon gives reasons on why American troops should be withdrawn as well as what the future holds for the United…

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  • George Mcgovern's Political Analysis

    it is important to analyze McGovern as someone who agreed with the New Left on issues like war, expansion of public welfare, and civil liberties but differed on issues like abortion, and drugs. Finally, McGovern’s stunning defeat by President Richard Nixon was not from…

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