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  • Suharto Case Study

    5. Economic Stability as the Legitimacy of Suharto’s Regime After the coup attempt of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) on 30 September 1965, also known as G30S/PKI, during which six of the most important generals of the National Army, the anti-communist group in the government, were kidnapped and brutally killed, the army gained the justification to condemn the action of the PKI. Sukarno and his men, who were supported by PKI and also defended the communists’ position in the Parliament,…

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  • To Althea From Prison Analysis

    Looking Out From Within: An Analysis of "To Althea From Prison" Richard Lovelace was charming, handsome, and affluent. He embodied the disposition that any woman could fancy during his time, but outwardly that was all there was to him. If you were to ask around you would be told that he was well-off and distinguished and seemingly that was where his persona had stopped. So the question posed becomes, “why would a man so forgettable, be remembered for such a long period of time?” The works he…

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  • Jfk Inaugural Speech Analysis

    Both of these subject were worries of the people so they had to be addressed but they are also about foreign policy which is subject that documented as area of inexperience when compared to Vice President Richard Nixon who he ran against in the election. This may have influenced him to cover this topic to prove himself to American people which after all is one of the purposes of an inaugural address. Kennedy starts his address off talking on this topic, “For…

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  • Steven Levy: Hacker Ethics

    Being a hacker has evolved through the centuries. Recent past indicates a hacker as a person that gets into the system of a company or individual in order to obtain information, or to damage the computer. However, in Steven Levy’s text, he indicates a hacker as someone who is trying to push the limits farther, as being a visionary or adventurer. What Steven tried to accomplish was to bring forward the contributions that these innovators laid the foundation for. He was not trying to tell the…

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  • Is It 1968 Analysis

    It is easier by far to blame the society around you than to accept your own shortcomings and then to address them. This way of thinking is what many lower class Americans have adopted in order to rationalize their unemployment or lack of education, which in turn creates a scapegoat that Donald Trump has used throughout his whole campaign. David Frum, in his article “Is it 1968?” comments exactly on this by noting how Trump 's continuous attacks on the structure of the United States simply feed…

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  • Bullet The Ap Analysis

    NO THANKSGET THE APP Shattered society The shattered society The shattered society was an era of immense change that occurred in the United States of America for ten years between the years of nineteen sixty three and nineteen seventy three and marked America socially, shaping it the way it is today . It started with the assassination of the president thirty fifth president of the United States of America ;John F. Kennedy , who died on the 22 November 1963 at Dealey plaza in Dallas…

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  • Irony: The Assassination Of Richard Nixon

    the FBI, however I must admit I am quite horrified at my first case. President Nixon killed by a reel of recording tape… talk about irony. This is not a time to joke around which is why I’ve been busy investigating several suspects to the murder of Richard Nixon and I am happy to say I have found quite some convincing ones. As you know, there were quite a few clues found in a White House trashcan that was very incriminating for a few suspects. After thorough investigation, my senses tell me that…

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  • How Did Ronald Reagan Impact Presidents

    with him during a campaign speech in Los Angeles to show his support. Later, Reagan started developing a relationship with the republican actress Nancy Davis and he supported the candidacies of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956 and supported Richard Nixon in 1960. In that same year, Reagan made the switch to the Republican Party and told the Americans, "I didn 't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me". Ronald Reagan opposed a civil rights legislation in 1960 and opposed racism. He…

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  • Ronald Reagan Challenger Speech Analysis

    The Challenger was the first space craft in America that fatally exploded, and it was one of the most tragic days for many in America. The takeoff of the Challenger was viewed by many, including schoolchildren, who tuned in to watch. Many people were watching the Challenger take off into space, but as it was launched, on January 28, 1986, the Challenger broke apart only seventy-three seconds into its flight. This lead to the deaths of its seven crew members, which were five NASA astronauts and…

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  • The Infamous Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal

    Jennifer Layburn The Infamous Richard Nixon Although many names of the Presidents that have presided over the United States of America are well known throughout the world, there is one president in particular who has earned the title of "infamous." President Richard Nixon, the thirty-seventh president of the United States of America, is commonly noted for his association with the Watergate Scandal. President Nixon, however, lead an enriched political career both before and after his…

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