Rhetorical Analysis of the Essay Mother Tongue Essay

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    I ought to have known that a vulgar, selfish, conceited man couldn't make a girl happy who was brought up in a refined family. You're too common, too ordinary, to know when you're lucky. You get a charming, aristocratic wife and expect her to grub along like a washerwoman. You try to crush all the life and spirit out of her. You ought to have married an icebox — that's the only thing in this house you're really attentive to. Gordon: Now listen — Laura (will not be checked): Talk about being spoiled — why, your mother babies you so, you think you're the only man on earth. (Sarcastically) Her poor, overworked boy, who tries so hard and gets all fagged out in the office and struggles so nobly to support his family! I wonder how you'd like to run this house and bear a child and take care of it and cook a big dinner and be sneered at and never a word of praise. All you can think of is picking over the garbage pail and finding fault — Gordon (like a fool): I didn't find fault! I found some good food being wasted. Laura: All right, if you love the garbage pail better than you do your wife, you can live with it. (Flings her dish towel on the floor and exits into…

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