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  • The Doctors Trial

    The Doctors’ Trial was the first of twelve trials for war crimes of German doctors, held by United States authorities, they came as a result of the crimes and atrocities committed during the Holocaust against not only Jews, but also Poles, Russians and Roma Gypsies. It took a while for these criminal proceedings to actually be set up and put in motion because trials like these had never really been done before. A few different methods were discussed including Joseph Stalin’s proposal to execute…

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  • Anti-Kickback Law Violations

    This investigation stems from Dr. Fonn self-reporting that he his privileges had been suspended for 30 days from a hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO. It was due to alleged conflict of interest and federal prosecution for Anti-Kickback law violations. He also answered positive to remuneration for two cases in the past year. A case was opened. *** On 012-16-2014, the Board office received an application for Missouri Medical License from Dr. Sonjay J. Fonn, DO of Cape Girardeau, MO. In filing for…

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  • The French And Indian War: Effects Of The French And Indian War

    at Carpenter 's Hall. They met to discuss not with the purpose to pursue independence from Great Britain but to send a message United as one. Following, the Second Continental Congress was held on May 10, 1775 just as warfare had begun in the Revolutionary war. They established a continental army and elected George Washington as Commander and Chief, they made decisions on where and when to attack, and issued paper money and a system where the government would borrow money from citizens. The use…

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  • Analysis Of Christopher Hibbert's Redcoats And Rebels

    Christopher Hibbert’s Redcoats and Rebels is a narrative that discusses the time in which the colonies rebelled against its mother country Great Britain and fought for their independence. This event is known as the American Revolutionary War. He discusses this war by taking an unusual perspective and looking into colonist behavior to see exactly how they won the war and why the British didn’t but all through the eyes of the British. Hibbert takes time to carefully look at the victories by the…

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  • Similarities Between Indian Independence And American Revolution

    Thesis: The Indian Independence movement and the American revolution have their similarities and differences. Throughout world history there have been many different revolutions, some being successful and some being total failures, the two I am writing on were successful, and they changed the world as we know it forever. American Revolution: The American Revolution was much more than a revolt against British taxes and trade regulations. It marked the first time in history that a people…

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  • Shay's Rebellion And Shays Rebellion

    Shays’ Rebellion is a very controversial topic to discuss. There are many event that lead up to this famous rebellion. Daniel Shay led many farmers to rebel against tax collectors. The American Revolution made conflict begin among many. After fighting, Daniel Shay came home and then led this famous rebellion. With Shays’ Rebellion, there were many questions and opinions then and also now. Daniel Shays Daniel Shays was born in 1747, being the second child out of (what would be) six children. His…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Declaration Of Independence

    or to abolish” a tyrannical government and to establish a new one (Db). The colonists also referred to the king as a tyrant, citing a “history of repeated injuries and usurpations” (Db). Alhough this was the battle cry for the colonists in the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence is somewhat historically inaccurate in its arguments. While the colonists and the British government did have conflicts over the governing of the colonies, the Declaration of Independence does not…

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  • Economic And Political Effects Of The French And Indian War

    The Effects of the French and Indian War During the 1754-63 the French and Indian War significantly altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies. Political of effects the war included Britain 's disbandment of the salutary neglect policy. Economics is how the economy was doing and if the money was doing good in the region. During the and after the war the economy was chaotic and had an enormous debt that needed to be payed. Finally, an…

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  • Essay On The Movie The Patriot

    Rodat, and the producers were Dean Devlin and Mark Gordon, and the composer was John Williams. Some of the main actors are Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Chris Cooper, and Logan Lerman. This fictionalized movie is based on a militia in the American Revolutionary war who is helping the Continental army defeat the British so they can have independence. This film had three Academy Award nominations, it was also nominated for other awards and won many too. Critics scored this movie with 61% rotten…

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  • Similarities Between The French And American Revolution

    The American, French, and Haitian revolutions occurred within 20 years of each other during the late 18th and early 19th century. The American and French revolutions preceded the Haitian Revolution and greatly affected its results. Although the Haitian revolution shared a similar goal as the American Revolution, many of the resistance tactics and occurrences more closely resemble those of the French Revolution. It is likely true that the beginning of the Haitian revolution was heavily…

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