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  • Animal Intelligence: What´s Dog Intelligence?

    Animal Intelligence Kelse K. Moore Dog intelligence Most dogs are abdoned at a young age due to the mother being abdoned also or the owner not wanting it. a dogs intelligence is about the same as a 2 year old child. A dog can learn (160-250) words and signals. Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Belgian breeds (Malinois, Terv etc.), the Schnauzer-Pinscher breeds including Doberman, Aussie Shepherd are some of the most…

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  • Dog Training

    Dogs have long been branded as "man's best friend. They do make excellent companions and fantastic family pets. But to be a decent doggy resident and a excellent family pet they need to be well trained. You ought to set off training your puppy for obedience as soon as he arrives at your home. The training will be continuing until he is about a year old and then while he may be considered "fully trained", you will still need to work with him to keep his skills sharp for the remainder of his…

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  • Essay On German Shepherds

    Today, based on 2006 Kennel Club figures, German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States with 43,575 registrations. In the UK there are currently 12,857 registrations (year 2008) German Shepherds are found working as guide dogs for the blind or the disabled, carrying out police work and guarding duties. They are also used in search and res- cue, therapy and in the armed forces. . These dogs are bred to have an enduring work drive, and unwavering obedience. Of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Bringing Dog To Work

    What do you think about bringing your dog to work? There has been a debate on bringing your dogs to work.There are two sides to this debate.There are good and bad sides to this debate and we will take both sides under consideration. Bringing your dog to work can be a good thing to an employee.It's least stressful in their work area.If things are going wrong in the work area your dod will lift you up and make you have a better day.employees will be able to get more work done if they don;t…

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  • Canine Commander Professional Dog Training

    A happy dog is a well-trained, well-mannered member of the family and the community. Just as with children, dogs require structure and training in order to function and fit in with their humans. Training is not only beneficial to the dog but those involved in its life. Dogs will do anything to please their owners and frequently get overly excited and unruly. The time to start training your pet is the moment you bring it into the home, despite its age. Even the tiny pup can learn basic…

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  • Persuasive Essay About A Dog

    For quite some time, people have been saying, “A dog is a man's best friend.” My question is, why can't a dog be mine? Dogs are loyal, fun to play with, and just overall great pets! A dog would teach me responsibility, adopting one would save its life, and it would give me something to do besides being on my phone all the time, like people say teens normally are. This is why I think I should adopt a dog. The first reason I think we should get a dog is because it would teach me responsibility.…

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  • Research Paper On Canis Lupus Familaris

    Canis Lupus Familaris is domestic dogs that have been bred into becoming both a “working dog” and “show dog”. While transitioning and adapting to their entirely new environment, these dogs who are used by humans to be selectively bred start to genetically change which manipulates all their offspring’s. “Over several generations, the original wild grey wolf has changed and a new species appeared that is genetically different from the founding stock that was adopted by the humans: the Canis…

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  • Informative Essay On Dog Breeds

    Dog breeds Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Boxer Lifespan 10-12 years 12-15 years 10-12 years Litter 4-12 6 6 Behavior Reliable, friendly, kind,confident, trustworthy and intelligent. Outgoing, alert, gentle, friendly and intelligent. Playful, devoted, bright, loyal, energetic, friendly, calm, cheerful, confident, fearful, brave and intelligent. Health Hypothyroidism, subaortic stenosis (SAS), eye disorders, elbow dysplasia, mast cell tumors, and seizures. Osteosarcoma is also occasionally…

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  • Lion For My Strengths And Weaknesses

    Out of my choices for animals, i pick the lion for my strengths and the retriever for my weaknesses. I picked the lion since i am very independent and tend to be the leader on different group activities, plus i've productive and strong willed. I choose the retrieval since i do procrastinate and i'm indecisive and unmotivated about certain topics. Out of these two animals i think i'm more like the lion on the topics of environment and pace. The first person i asked for their opinion for was my…

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  • Service Dog

    magine being blind with no where to go, or nothing to see. You're spiraling deeper and deeper into depression until you are given a savior; a service dog. In this blog, you will learn how service dogs help, what breeds are best and types of purpose's a service dog is used for. Service dogs can help a range of people with many different disabilities. Service dogs have a vast variety of support they can provide to people suffering from a physical disability, a mental disability and much more. A…

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