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  • Back Office Manager Case Study

    The Back-Office Manager plays an increasingly important with a truly cross-cutting function within the bank. It is no longer a mere administrative function applied to the traditional operations of the bank. This must be done in compliance with deadlines, rules and circuits. This function covers the management and accounting of operations as well as management control. It's about:  Optimize procedures It continuously monitors the proper arrangements for service. The implementation of dashboards…

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  • Banco Bradesco Case Study

    Banco Bradesco S.A. is headquartered in Osasco, Brazil and operates as an international bank, offering various types of banking product and services. Bradesco operates through two segments: Banking, and Insurance, Pension & Capitalization Bonds. The Banking segment includes individuals and small, midsize and large companies located in Brazil. The Insurance, Pension & Capitalization Bonds segment offers products which include health, life, personal accident, automobile and other types of assets.…

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  • Panopticon Characteristics

    surveillance cameras that monitor every movement that takes place on both the interior and exterior of the complex, turning the bank into an unavoidable presence of exposure to the millions of bank employees and bank customers that engage in everyday banking. Much like a panopticon, banks use this tactic of oversight to initiate their fearful agenda onto its victims. Banks can even be compared to The Plague when Foucault speaks of the surveillance needed to contain the deadly disease, he states…

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  • First Citizens Bank Essay

    Jibriel Mijalli T/TH 9:30AM Steinke First Citizens Bank was founded in 1979 by a group of local businessmen with one purpose in mind: to provide a healthy banking environment for local business and individuals. The doors first opened on July 8, 1980, operating underling a local management and conservative governing philosophy. First Citizens Bank mission is to be able to continually improve in management and technological improvements so they can always offer the same or better support…

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  • Bank Of Maldives Case Analysis

    Bank of Maldives (BML) is the leading financial institution in Maldives. Their vision is “To be the best managed company in the Maldives, with the highest standards of corporate governance and customer satisfaction as well as the best shareholder returns. Their operation mainly depends on three strategic pillars such as Customer Service, Support for Business and Financial Inclusion. Their corporate strategy is focused on being a professionally managed, customer-oriented organization which…

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  • Behaviura Case Study


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  • Case Study: PT Astra International

    CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND PT Astra International is the biggest independent manufacturing company in south Asia. This company was established in 1957, the company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia before 1990’s, and this company name was PT Astra International Incorporated. There are several types of businesses that were developed by PT Astra International. They developed their businesses all over the world and they are engaged in many types of product and services,…

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  • Case Study On Recruitment And Selection Process Of Icici Bank

    Project Title- Recruitment & selection in ICICI bankObjectives- The objective of my study is to understand and critically analyzed the recruitment & selection procedure at ICICI bank Ltd. 1-To know the prospect or recruitment and selection procedure. 2-To identify the recruitment and selection of ICICI bank. 3-To examine how recruitment and selection affect the performance or development of ICICI bank. 4-To access the challenges associated with the recruitment and selection practice of the ICICI…

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  • Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana Case Study

    A study on the implications of Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana on the growth of Indian Economy Authors: 1. T. Mary Jones Associate Professor and Head, Department of MBA, PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure 2. S. DivyaSri II MBA PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure. 3. G. Bavani II MBA PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure. Abstract: Indians are transforming from rural India to digital India with so many initiatives by the Central government of our…

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  • Bank Profitability Case Study

    Significant connection between the capital ratio and profitability is not restricted to USA local banking industry as a study of 18 countries from 1986-1989 explained that Capital ratio impacts bank profitability positively even thought such association restricted to sate own banks (Molyneux & Thornton, 1992). They also mentioned that a positive association…

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