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  • Citibank Essay

    Social Factor Citibank have 3777 branches locations in 36 countries globally and out of all their services, online service have successfully claiming of 15 million users (resources from Wikipedia). Based on the 2013 annual report, the Global Consumer Banking (GCB) was announced that Citibank have claim of serving 62 million clients in 36 countries, which comes from multinationals, government sectors, SME business and local corporations. Citibank have a tremendous unique in their segmentation,…

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  • Services Quality Level Of The Banking Sector In Sri Lanka Case Study

    This study is hopes to answer following questions. 1.3.1. Main Research Questions  What is the services quality level of the banking sector in Sri Lanka?  What is the customer satisfaction level of the banking sector in Sri Lanka?  What are the factors affected to the customer satisfaction?  Is there relationship between Services quality and customer satisfaction? 1.3.2. Specific Research Questions  Is there relationship between tangibility and customer satisfaction?  Is there…

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  • Alex Bank Case Study

    million customers and Alex bank cares about a huge collection of stakeholders from, workers, customers, dealers and business partners to community investors and leaders CITATION htt \l 1033 (Alexbank, n.d.). Alex bank also ranked as the number one in retail asset market share and also the fifth largest total asset in the private sector banks. Alex bank…

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  • J & K Bank Case Study

    provide better services. Every branch is fully furnished with chairs and tables and other accessories. Bank has also installed modern banking machines like passbook update machine, waiting ticket machine and check drop machine. Now J&K Bank ltd is expanding its branch network by opening 122 new business units and 179 ATMs in the state of J&K to increase banking infrastructure…

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  • Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.: Global Financial Institutions

    commercial history of the United States for more than 150 years. It was found in 1850 by Henry, Emanuel and Mayer Lehman and was the largest investment bank in the US. Its headquarters was in New York and it was dealing with investment and private banking. On September 15, 2008, it created a record bankruptcy in American history. The following day, part of it was bought by British Barclays Bank. The US government then decided to leave the institution to its fate and not help rescue it, as in the…

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  • Case Study Wells Fargo Bank

    ASSIGNMENT REPORT ON FAKE BANK ACCOUNTS SCAM IN WELLS FARGO BANK USA 1. Describe what happened. The case in discussion here is opening of unauthorized and fake bank accounts by employees of Wells Fargo Bank all over US. Various employees in Wells Fargo Retail stores all over the country signed up customers for various products like a new checking accounts, debit accounts, credit card accounts without their approval or consent. The employees then used to transfer money from the customers…

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  • Bank Of America Case Study

    resource administration and other monetary and hazard administration items and administrations. The organization gives unmatched comfort in the United States, serving more than 59 million customer and private company associations with more than 6,100 retail saving money workplaces, more than 18,000 ATMs and a web based managing an account with more than 25 million dynamic clients. Bank of America offers administrations to more than 4 million private…

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  • SHG Case Study

    5. Progress of SHGS in India a. Linkage Model SHG - Bank Linkage Programme was launched in 1992by NABARD. This was first time SHGs were directly financed by banks. According to NABARD about 5.8 crore poor households have been linked with banking system through this model. The Indian Model is a “Linkage Model", as it is based on strengths of various partners: - The NGOs, the rural poor and banks. b. Financial Support RBI advises commercial banks to consider lending to SHGs as part of their rural…

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  • State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur: Case Analysis

    Rajasthan covers all the major business centres of India. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur now provide all kind of personalised banking services that gives you the control over all your banking needs and demands. Banks all branches have been included under the core banking solution platform. Bank offers services in personal banking, NRI banking, International banking, corporate banking, agriculture products and services in other sectors.…

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  • Indian Credit Rating Agency Case Study

    • To determine how the BRM team works and their importance in a credit rating agency. • To study the infrastructure portfolio size of the banks in Chennai 2. CREDIT RATING AGENCIES IN INDIA &TRAINING ORGANISATION 2.1 Indian Credit Rating agencies- The beginning Birth of the rating agencies in India The idea of behind the rating agency was evolved in 1986 with the help of Pradip Shah, an HDFC employee and also an Harvard graduate suggested the idea of the credit rating agency to Nadkarni…

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