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  • BAWAG Case Study

    limited bank and is an entity in the financial and insurance sector. Established in 1922 in Austria, it has its headquarters in the capital city - Vienna. Some of the services that it offers are investment banking, commercial banking, private banking and asset management. BAWAG offers online banking facility along with online support for customers. Few years ago, BAWAG suffered a huge amount of losses owing to having used unreasonable investment tactics in off-balance-sheet medium. It also lent…

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  • Benefits Of Electronic Banking

    years Electronic banking technologies have multiplied with products available such as ATMS, contactless payments, internet banking, banking apps and the ability to store cards to devices. This has led to the adoption of customers because of its efficacy and increasing ease to use but also as it cuts costs, stays competitive and attracts new customers from a business point of view. In agreeance Hogarth et al. (2004) claim that been the years of 2002 and early 2005 online banking increased 47…

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  • Job Shadowing/Informational Interview

    Henry Okpo Col 111 Job shadowing/ informational interview assignment I was able to job shadow and interviewed Mr. Elijah Bankole who is the Manager Deb consultant and entertainment firm in Minneapolis, who took me through his typical day at work. Elijah is the head manager of a 5 member team, whom jobs are to organize musical concept, Artist management and event consultant, the firm main operation office is located downtown St. Paul MN. Management consultancy is open to graduates from…

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  • Cyber Criminals

    Over the past twenty years the banking system has changed and become more efficient for bank customers. Twenty years ago bank customers could not login to their bank account on the Internet and transfer money. However, as the Internet has developed so has online banking. As more people use online banking services the amount of cyber criminals that focus on accessing bank accounts has increased. To log into a bank account in the U.S. a password and security question is needed, in other countries…

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  • Self Assessment Questionnaire

    2014; this is the year where PCI DSS really takes off, more and more banks have pushed their merchants to be compliant and certified with PCI DSS although just by answering the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). But why suddenly all these banks become so actively engage in PCI DSS? This is due to the card patron especially VISA and MasterCard. After what happen to the infamous Target retailer in early 2014, card brands have been in caution mode and have change their way in allowing entities…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Banking

    automated teller machine ) , online banking, biometric screenings and multimedia’s in libraries. First of all I will describe about “Online Banking”. Online banking basically is where people can just directly do their banking purposes and deals just throughout the internet without going to the bank. Online banking is a great feature, most banks do offer it. There are several benefits and its limitations of online banking. Five benefits by using the online banking is that firstly, you can pay…

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  • Analysis Of Karen Ho's Article 'Biographies Of Hegemony'

    explains how the vision that individuals have of investment banking and working on Wall Street is narrowing the students’ perspective of success. This tunnel-vision effect described by Karen Ho is connected to the “culture of smartness” which many students seem to believe in. In Susan Faludi’s text, “The Naked Citadel”, she also represents the idea of the a narrowing experience. Students who first hear about the field of investment banking and the so called great life on Wall Street, soon begin…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Dodd-Frank Act

    The Dodd-Frank act has defined the American financial system since 2010. The law was passed by Congress in order to increase accountability and regulation for banks, financial intermediaries, and market exchanges. The bill has been highly disputed across the United States, with critics saying the law either goes too far or doesn’t go far enough. Many deadlines for implementation of additional parts of the law have been missed (Liu) and as of recently a repeal bill has been passed through…

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  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card Case Study

    HDFC Regalia First Credit Card HDFC Regalia Credit Card is a card offered by HDFC bank. The card comes with special privileges and benefits. The card also offers the feature of reward points on all card transactions. These points when accumulated can be used to purchase gifts and other items. Why HDFC There are plenty of banks in the market that offer credit card facilities. What makes HDFC unique is the fact that it is the second largest private bank in the country. It has a network of…

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  • State Bank Case Study

    3. Expansion and Creation of Financial Institutions: The State bank as the banker of the banks expand the banking sector and improve its currency and credit system over the time. Pakistan is a big country with huge population to meet the needs to such a large population. The State Bank pave the way for more financial institutions to provide financial products to every Pakistan. State Bank not only strengthens the financial institution in urban areas but also try to provide credit facilities in…

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