Responsibility In An Inspector Calls Essay

  • The Theme Of Social Responsibility In 'An Inspector Calls' By J. B. Priestley

    Priestley presents the theme of social responsibility by using Eva/Daisy’s case and the Birling family. J.B. Priestley was a socialist and he wrote about times when capitalism was spread around England, social classes weren’t treated the same, genders were unequal, and poverty was common all over England. This shows us that most people didn’t care about each other and social responsibility wasn’t accepted by them. In the play he used the character of Inspector to challenge main characters as well as to try to make them feel responsible so they change. We can also see how younger generation tries to encourage older ones to feel responsible. Priestley uses Inspector to pass his own ideas about social responsibility. He could be seen as narrator…

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  • An Inspector Calls Relationship Analysis

    The way relationships are presented in ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’ are based upon the setting of both texts which greatly affects the story, the writer’s beliefs are quite similar as they both repeatedly mention and show the amount of inequality towards women although they are both set in different times we can see that in those years between ‘An Inspector Calls’ written in 1947 and ‘Of Mice and Men’ written in 1937s it shows mankind has not yet changed and the writers want to…

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  • Sheila In An Inspector Calls Analysis

    course of the play, ‘An Inspector Calls.’ In An Inspector calls Priestley initially presents Sheila as an immature girl who abides to the expectations set upon her by society. However the Inspectors introduction starts a change in her where she is presented by Priestley as more mature and responsible as shown when she takes responsibility for Eva’s death. Priestley uses Sheila to reflect his own ideas of socialism to the audience and thus showing them that they can change in order to prevent…

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  • Reasons For Eva Smith's Death In The Inspector Calls

    inspector calls was written by J . B Priestley in 1945. It was set in midland town in 1912. Inspector calls was based around a family that got a visit from a visit regarding the death of a woman named Eva smith. The inspector came to visit a well respected family also known the Birling family, to ask questions whether they knew this young women. when this play was set in 1912 the society was not equal, people from higher class and that had good job where more powerful, whereas the lower class…

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  • Abuse Of Power In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

    Throughout ‘An Inspector Calls’ written by J.B Priestley in 1945, the author presents two significant and upper class characters who are extremely guilty of abusing their power in society: Sheila Birling and Mr Birling. Priestley clearly highlights the fact that abuse of power is highly common within the upper class, due to the fact that they let their status and wealth control their lives. Consequently, the author portrays the Birling family as capitalists who only prioritise their wealth and…

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  • Theme Of Professionalism In An Inspector Calls

    An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 shortly after the Second World War but set in 1912 just before the First World War because Priestley a socialist himself wanted to show how big the class divide was before the wars and everyone had to pull together and how he didn’t want us to go back to that so Priestley uses the Inspector as his voice in the play to try to teach the Birling’s and the audience about caring for each other and looking out for one another. The play opens up in the Birling’s…

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  • Theme Of Family In An Inspector Calls

    The play an ‘inspector calls’ divulges the truth and teaches the moral message about responsibility, warning the consequences if the message is not heeded. As the play was set before the First World War, it enabled priestly to refer to class division and social hierarchy through the characters and to the audience. Priestly portrays the attitudes of the characters and how family is presented in upper class throughout the play. The eccentric, Mr Birling a pretentious factory owner worries about…

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  • J. B. Priestley's Characters In An Inspector Calls

    other hand fully admits his wrong doings and accepts responsibility. Birling being part of the older generation is represented as the exact person that Priestley hates. He is completely unsympathetic towards Eva Smith and will take no responsibility for his actions as his self-important behaviour makes helps to convince himself that he has done nothing wrong this can be shown in his wife when Mrs Birling states “I think she had only herself to blame.” by stating this she reiterates to the…

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  • Of Mice And Men Relationships Essay

    Explore the ways relationships are presented in “Of Mice and Men” and “An Inspector Calls” Society is not perfect, it never was. So it is not in any way surprising that many people would try to rectify these mistakes, and improve their society. John Steinbeck and J. B. Priestley wanted to just that. They produced works that show the effects of these mistakes if they are not rectified, in hope of raising awareness about society 's own impurities. Two of these works are "Of Mice and Men" and…

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  • Differences Between Older And Younger Generation In An Inspector Calls

    John B Priestley’s play, “An Inspector Calls’ was written after the Second World War during the Victorian and Edwardian period. During this period was when division between the behaviour of the older and younger generations could be clearly recognised. The older generation consist of Mr and Mrs Birling whom throughout the play fail to admit that they had any part in the death of Eva, as their reputation is the only thing that concerns them. Conversely the younger generation, Sheila and Eric feel…

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