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  • Benefits Of Building A Robotic Arm

    Can a robotic limb help a common workplace with difficult jobs? Robotic arms always have to be functional with the appropriate parts, or else the arm is not useful at all because the arm has no use of working either without a certain part or the computer that is stored inside it. Before having the actual arm, me & my partner have to build it by making a sensor circuit for the arm & make a hand for the arm as well The arm is the thing that takes time to assemble because one wrong part in a wrong…

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  • Poka Yoke Case Study

    A frame work for assesing poka-yoke device According to this article the framework assesses the processes of the design, operation and maintenance of poka-yoke devices. The framework includes a scoring system; background in both lean production and human factors is required to apply the framework. ( Enabling Poka-Yoke Workflows with the AristaFlow BPM Suite This tool gives idea into the AristaFlow BPM Suite – a next generation…

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  • Beam Crane Case Study

    This chapter provides associate degree introduction the beam crane project, which has the summary, main objectives, scopes and an outline of the project. At the current time engineering problems are getting more complicated and conventional methods have become unable to give the satisfying results that the scientists and engineers desire in solving problems or designs there for a new approach is needed hence, Computational mechanics has become fundamentally important part of computational…

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  • Larman Essay

    Larman describes the iterative development and Agile Methods as a process of organizing a short series of small projects with fixed time constraints, known as iterations, which also have separate analysis, design and implementation, validation requirements. The iterations represent executable components of the partial system, each of the modules are validated and integrated into the system in repeated cycles. In theory, the iterative lifecycle utilizes the approach of iteration and…

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  • Software Development Life Cycle Essay

    SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION Software development life cycle(SDLC) consists various phases: requirement gath- ering and analysis, design, implementation or coding phase, testing, deployment and maintenance. In this section, we specify the software requirements of the proposed EFFM system. This phase is critical to the success of the project. Requirement analy- sis is an art and science. In requirement gathering and ananlysis, customer expectations need to be eshed out in great detail and…

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  • Agile Swot Analysis

    The term Agile was popularized was popularized by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. The principles and values outlined in this manifesto were derived from a broad range of software development processes and practices. The four central tenets of the Agile Manifesto are as follows:  Individuals and interactions over processes and tools  Working software over comprehensive documentation  Responding to change over following a plan  Collaborating with customers over contract…

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  • Why Do Projects Fail

    Software Engineering is a very detailed field that explains the process of producing a software in a systematic way. Not only that, but it provides solutions that makes sure everything meets the deadlines provided by the customer and the least amount of resources are being used while doing so. However, according to an article posted on Capterra, only a third of the projects were completed or finished on time over the past year. This is a very disturbing number, considering how much companies…

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  • Agile Development

    software delivers rapid, improved and efficient information technology solution. The use of Agile software development is a technique that utilizes Agile procedures like Extreme Programming, and Scrum built on iterative and incremental progress. Requirements and solution in agile software development progress are a combined effort of self-organization and cross-functional departments. The process encourages adaptive forecasting, progressive expansions, and distribution, time-based iterative…

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  • Pre-Health Requirements In College Essay

    form the intensive four-year plan to ready the individual for a tougher medical school learning process. Therefore, the pre-health requirements in college are essential for building a thorough candidate for the medical field. This knowledge of how a medical school candidate is formed will inform others of the hard work students must face for success. Pre-health requirements encompass three major aspects that consist of the science courses, the MCAT exam, and the medical school application…

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  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Requirements

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Requirements Introduction For several years now, FAA has remained pivotal in the formulation and development of sensible aviation regulations in the US. FAA keeps advancing with the government allocating it new responsibilities. For instance, the government directed the agency in 2012 to create laws related to small civilian drones. Despite the issue raising significant concerns, it did not adversely affect the FAA operations. The 1958 formulated…

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