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  • Corruption In Gregory Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

    Gregory Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was a satire on the corruption of the Catholic Church in the medieval period. The story is centered on the trip of pilgrims going towards St. Thomas Becket's shrine each member of the group telling stories along the way. Each of the characters, excluding the parson, the knight, the plower, and some less important characters, have some form of religious or moral corruption displayed in their introduction and in the story they tell. An argument can be made…

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  • Dark Ages Dbq

    Repeatedly the church scammed its practicers into paying to see a relic that was completely fabricated. Most of the time, reliquaries in England were used as a ploy to make money, instead of for religious purposes. The people who observed these reliquaries were completely unaware of the fact that there was not a real holy object inside. In fact, these Catholics believed that they were honoring God by spending their money on relics. The money raised went straight to the church and the Vatican. On…

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  • Abuse Of Social Classes In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

    The Pardoner’s tale is ironic because he claims that the relics he owns are sacred. Therefore, the Pardoner makes a profit off of innocent people who are buying his relics when the relics are not sacred at all. The Pardoner is fooling everyone around him, but in tricking people, he is in the end tricking himself, which makes his entire tale ironic. The Monk’s tale shows…

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  • Museum Of Tea War Case Study

    House of the Commander of British Forces in Hong Kong. In 1984, it turned to be the Museum of Tea Ware, it was the first specialized museum in the world devoted to the collection, study and display of tea wares. The core collections and historical relics were donated by Dr. K.S. Lo, it included about 600 pieces of tea wares and related vessels. Although the Museum of Tea War was not as controversial as the Hong Kong Museum of Hong Kong and the Museum of Coastal Defense , they shared some…

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  • Nationality In Emily Carr's Thunderbird

    Nationality is a concept which is subjective; it means different things to different people. It can be altered in a person's mind through experience. Emily Carr's Thunderbird (fig. 1) is an example of how people's perception of nation (whether by people outside of that nation, or people within it) can be shaped by a few influential individuals. Whether intentionally political or not, an artist's view of their country is often directly shown in the way they paint it. Similarly, a non-artist's…

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  • Stone Architecture: The Basilica Of Saint-Denis

    Saint-Denis is a Roman Catholic abbey church located in what is now Paris. The original building was built by King Dagobert in the 7th century to house the relics of Saint Denis, a former Parisian bishop and the patron saint of France, as well as the remains of French kings. In the 12th century, there was increased religious pilgrimages to view relics, and increased acceptance of the idea that individuals connect with God through, rather than despite, the material world. As a result, in 1140 the…

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  • Essay On Napoleon Bonaparte Religion

    accepted the practice of other religions. One of the greatest things about his characteristics was that he took the good impacts made by the Revolution and eliminated the bad. For example, he put an end to the policy of dechristianization and kept the relics of feudalism abolished. Napoleon’s wonderful legacy as a liberator made many marvelous…

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  • Holy Selfies: A Pilgrimage Analysis

    stabilized economic needs for villages. Furthermore, villages developed into towns due to the increase in pilgrim numbers. Cathedrals were found among the pilgrimage routes. Relics were part of the Cathedral experience. The relics represented a miracle or a supernatural power that could help the pilgrims that completed the journey. The relics contributed to the financial stability of the church…

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  • Patriotism In North America

    Introduction Many churches across the United States of America celebrate their freedom through displays of patriotism, such as singing patriotic songs, posting an American flag, and honoring the nation itself. Respected religious leader, Alexander Campbell defined patriotism as an extension of selfishness and the “great and damning sin of mankind.” Furthermore, God tells His people, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exod 20:3). Yet, many churches continue to honor the nation, despite…

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  • Crusades Dbq Research Paper

    interesting because the knights are supposed to protect against attackers or intruders. Document 4 states that the Muslims destroyed its magnificent library, they also grabbed thousands of relics that were later sold in Europe. This is relevant because the library is important to the Christians also the Muslims stole their relics and sold them.There are more reasons why the crusades is negative but these are the main reasons why its…

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