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  • Persuasive Essay On The Lottery

    Many people spend hundreds of dollars on the lottery and other forms of gambling, believing that it will make them rich. People who are not so wealthy enjoy the idea of becoming instantly rich just by buying a cheap ticket. It's fun to dream of a better life. People feel hopeful when they think about winning the lottery and being able to get away from their financial problems. As a matter of fact, people who feel poor are much more likely to buy lottery tickets, and to spend a large proportion…

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  • Lifetime Gifting Case Study

    gifting program” can be annually used by Meg to each of her children through “gift-splitting elections” (“Gift and Estate Tax Planning” 14-22). Assets must be transferred in a maximum rate into “living trusts” in order to eliminate “probate,” and induce as “pour over” in case the property is “still held at death” and is intended to be allocated as living trust (“Gift and Estate Tax Planning” 14-22). Meg can consider having a “bypass trust” and a “marital deduction trust.” The bypass trust can…

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  • Penny Informative Speech

    When you think about a penny what do you see? What do you think? How do you feel about a penny? Oh yes, the good old penny. An old brown, round piece copper that you always see on the ground but never seem to pick it up? Or a fortunate round piece of copper that you can use when you want a piece of candy from the corner store. Well, some people say that pennies are good luck. Do you believe it ? Did you know that the average penny lasts 25 years? The penny has been around for about 154 years.…

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  • Lobbying And Decision-Making Analysis

    Although lobbying may sometimes produce “economic waste,” as Gordon Tullock asserts, one cannot soundly argue that lobbying should be done away with altogether. Lobbying is an essential part of the American democratic process which benefits not only private and public interest groups, but policymakers as well. Godwin, Ainsworth, and Godwin define lobbying simply as “an effort to influence public policy.” In practice, lobbying is one of the primary methods by which groups of citizens and…

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  • The Decline Of The Mauryan Empire In India

    he Mauryan Empire was like any other empire. The empire had its golden age and its decline, but no matter what the empire was going through it was a great place to live. From its vibrant colors to its food the Mauryan Empire in India was a beautiful and wonderful place to live. I would have lived in the Mauryan Empire and I think you would’ve too. The Mauryan Empire in India had its ups and downs, but it was overall a great place to live. Religion was everywhere in India which they worshipped…

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  • Soda Taxes Fall Flat: A Rhetorical Analysis

    writing an article to persuade your audience on a specific idea or topic, it is important to be very direct about what it is you are trying to persuade, leave out fallacies, and also have excellent credibility. Based on the two articles about adding a tax on sugary drinks or not, the article “Soda Taxes Fall Flat: Our View” by USA Today Editorial Board, is stronger than the article by Jim Krieger. I will first give you a short overview of each article and then inform you about details of why the…

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  • Social Safety Net Program Essay

    America has gotten to this dreadful situation may lie in the path that its government chose to develop. For instance, the truly needy do not have enough support from the Social Safety Net programs to get out of poverty: the tax systems should be progressive instead of regressive; wages and benefits are not equally allocated among the workers and the bosses, and there has been no attention to the maintenance and improvement of infrastructure for a very long time.…

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  • Radley Balko's What You Eat Is Your Business

    I am writing in order to analyze Radley Balko’s “What You Eat is Your Business” and determine whether or not it is suitable for publication in The Shorthorn. The piece responds to a summit being hosted by Time magazine and NBC News on the issue on obesity and public health being standardized legally and economically by the government. After analyzing the piece I have reached that it would be very compelling article for the readers of The Shorthorn and would recommend publication because of…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: Should Recipients Be Tested For Drugs?

    the taxpayers if it passes. “Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Saves Taxpayer Money.” Targeted News Services. 19 September 2011.Proquest.Web. 4 March 2014 In the article “Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Saves Taxpayer Money” the author expresses how tax payers should vote for drug tested at a state level because in the end it saves money. It tells about how Florida taxpayers saved up to 9.1 billion dollars from drug testing welfare recipients. The strict guidelines that are being examined…

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  • Informative Essay On Retirement Planning

    After toiling in the workplace for decades, it seems natural to expect easy living in your golden years. If you have planned your finances efficient, then this may be the case. Yet, a lack of resources and financial planning continues plague many Americans. Typically, retirement planning encompasses a detailed account of your expected expenses. This can include leisurely activities, such as vacations and travel, to necessities, such as taxes. In particular, where you plan on retiring can…

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