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  • Case Study: Helping A Friend

    Helping a Friend On May 20, 2014, Sophia and seven of her friends decided to take a trip to Lake Michigan. Sophia’s aunt owns a lake house in Arcadia, Michigan, so the girls decided to rent out the place for a few weeks. When they arrived to the house late in evening, they unpacked and settled in. Sophia, Carly, Kaylee, and Sally slept in the room with bunk beds, while Kelly, Diane, and Lauren slept in the master bedroom. George got the room in the middle all to himself. Everyone managed to get…

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  • Deception In Hamlet

    Leonardo Di Vinci once said, “The greatest decision men suffer is from their own decisions.” Deception can occur in everyday life and is an important process for building relationships or in general social interaction. In the Shakespearean play, Hamlet uses deception to reveal the role that Claudius had in the death of his father. Hamlet uses deception to gain the knowledge needed to indict Claudius with the murder of his father, while Claudius is using deception to cover up his role within…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Second Day At My School Placement

    Ever since my second day at my school placement, one particular student (whom I will refer to as X) in Ms. I’s second period class has never failed to catch my attention. Each week, I never know what to expect from X: some days he is a model student, working diligently on the task on hand, but on others he acts out and refuses to comply with Ms. I’s requests. However, sometimes there aren’t even good or bad days, for X’s behavior can vary so drastically within a one-hour class period. On good…

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  • Portrayes And Mistress Shore In Shakespeare's Richard III

    at all in the play. Without Mistress Shore, much of the play up unto this point would not develop the way it is with her, in fact without her as a plot device, there would be no Richard III because she is what allows for the jailing and death of Hastings, as well as the incrimination of the queen later on in the play and even the development of Richard as a character he is. Shore is a prime example of a character having a major presence and influence on a story, promoting both primary themes,…

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  • Experimental Improvisation With Kjell Nordeson And Peter Kuhn

    Jazz History Concert Report The date of the concert was October 5, 2016 and the title of the concert is “Experimental Improvisation with: Kjell Nordeson & Peter Kuhn”. The concert was performed in Mesa College Music building. Peter Kuhn had three instruments with him a bass clarinet, saxophone, and a Bb Clarinet. He used the bass clarinet and the saxophone during his first piece, and the clarinet on the second piece. Kjell Nordeson was on the drum but had a lot of instruments with him.…

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  • Donner Party Narrative

    life they had been farmers, these lands were new to them. Before this tripe they didn’t know that there was such thing as a salt lake. What made things worse was that they had no guide, and Hasting was wrong about the shortcut. This short cut was actually longer and it wasn’t a very good trail. At one point Hasting had left a note behind telling anyone that was following him to stop following the trail and follow him through a detour, because…

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  • Desperate Passage Analysis

    The 81 members who decided to follow the new path soon found out that Lansford W. Hastings didn’t help bring them to California, but gave them a unreliable map. Once blazed through Wyoming it seemed like the short cut was a sure thing, but as they traveled through Utah they were met with serious terrain of hills and trees. It took strength…

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  • Donner Party Research Paper

    party. there a lake called Donner lake. The trek had been organized by James Reed. There were 90 emigrants that left Springfield to head west. One of the ending causes for the Donner party they were blocked by snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Which caused them to resorted cannibalism to survive. The main reason that causes the ending of the Donner party that they took the wrong pass. The pass was called Hastings pass These are all the causes of the Donner party trouble. In Sierra…

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  • George Donner Research Paper

    Illinois. In hopes of a new life, Donner wanted to move to California. In April, 1846 Donner , Tamsen (his third wife) and his five daughters, later, his brother, Jacob Donner, Elizabeth ( Jacob Donner’s wife) and their seven child also joined. James Reed was the leader of this party. So altogether they rode covered wagon trains. Now these wagons made up of twenty vehicles and 100 people They left Independence, Missouri, in May 1846. The party followed the Oregon Trail until they reached Fort…

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  • The Threats Of Netflix

    With Reed Hastings leading the charge, Netflix was able to capitalize on the internet and subscription based system that help create and innovate the plans of what we see today and the future of tomorrow. In the year 2002, Netflix had only about 500,00 members in the United States to about 60 million viewers worldwide by the end of 2014. A huge influx of members in a little over a decade of time. Hastings had a vision due to a late fee of Apollo 13 movie…

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