Reductio ad absurdum

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  • Just War Theory

    The “Just War Theory” (JWT) is a body of thought that has been constructed over many centuries. The theory is widely contested and has many critics. JWT discusses certain situations and instances in which the use of physical force is “justified” to accomplish desired outcomes. I consider this physical force or aggressive action an act of “war.” In my work, I will discuss how the environment is incorporated into this, and if it plays a factor in justifying “aggressive acts.” I will also take…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Native Adverts

    get around ad blocking software that is used my many people. With the increase use of services that block ads advertisers came up with a form of advertisement that is forced on consumers. Native ads are so interworked with the design and functionality of the page. ( If you want to view the page it is often a requirement for a person to turn off the ad blocker software to be able to view the page. Pros- pros to native advertising is it less intrusive than traditional ads. It…

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  • Arguments Against Just War

    War and conflict have been a part of the human experience for most of recorded history, and many scholars use the concept of just war to analyse wars in their own time and in the past, and to consider how to create long lasting peace. Just war theory forms the basis of much of international law today, and still can be used to analyse modern day conflict, such as the Russian Federation’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Just war theory in its most coherent form was first discussed by Saint Thomas…

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  • Just War Theory Of War In The Bhagavadgita

    Arjuna believes that the war is just and convinces him to fight. There is a theory known as the “just war theory” which details the legitimacy beginning a conflict and proper actions during the conflict. This theory consists of two major parts (Jus Ad Bellum the right to go to war, and Jus in Bello how combatants should act) that themselves can be broken down to smaller individual elements. Some of these smaller elements will be applied to show that the war whose prelude is detailed in the Gita…

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  • Revenue Diversion Prohibition Case Study

    i. What are the exceptions to the revenue diversion prohibition: There are five exceptions to the prohibition – two grandfather exceptions and three special purpose exceptions. They are described below. (1) Airport Revenue Grandfather Exception: A Sponsor may use airport revenue for general purposes to the extent that covenants or assurances in debt obligations or governing statutes controlling the Sponsor’s financing that were in effect prior to September 3, 1982 provide for the use of…

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  • Ad Astra Per Aspera Analysis

    all, you have lost all your motivation in addition to a constant battle taking place in your mind about whether to keep going or to give up everything you have worked for. Recently, I have been asked to choose a quote that perfectly shouts, “Jaenna!” “Ad astra per aspera” translated to, “To the stars through difficulty,” is a valuable quote to me for numerous reasons. This quote means that if you work hard, you will be rewarded in the end. Also, it best describes me because…

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  • Gaunilo's Arguments Against Anselm

    I will explain Anselm’s arguments for the existence of God and Guanilo’s response against Anselm’s reasoning. I will then evaluate the arguments given by both Anselm and Gaunilo. In his work, Proslogion, Anselm uses reductio ad absurdum to argue that God exists. Reductio ad absurdum is a form of argument where a premise is disproven by following its implications, leading to a contradiction or a ridiculous conclusion and showing that the premise is false. We can see that Anselm starts using this…

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  • Summary Of St. Anslem's Ontological Argument

    An ontological argument is an a priori demonstration of the existence of God. Perhaps one of the most famous ontological arguments presented was by St. Anselm (1033-1109) who was an Archbishop of Canterbury and Abbot of Bec. He presented his argument in his book Proslogion. Anslem’s expectation for his argument was for it to help him understand the nature of God, and possibly persuade a non-believer of the existence of God. First, Anselm describes his way of classifying unknown things as…

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  • The Ontological Argument Is An A Priori Argument

    • The argument is a reductio ad absurdum because it disproves the Ontological Argument using the existence of something that would be absurd. This island which none is greater doesn’t actually exist, and so the logic in the Ontological Argument is disproven. 5. Lay out and explain…

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  • Summary: The Gay Marriage Debate

    The gay marriage debate is very controversial. Those against same-sex marriage often cite religious viewpoints and concerns about pro-creation. They argue that same-sex relationships are immoral and against God’s will. Those in favor of same-sex marriage often argue that mutual love is enough for people to get married, regardless of their sexual orientation. Christian groups who argue for same-sex marriage tend to believe that lesbian and gay people were created as such by God and should have…

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