Reductio ad absurdum

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  • Rhetorical Ethics

    The question of whether journalists or private philanthropists have a greater responsibility to rhetorical ethics requires an examination…? David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea demonstrates the power of a private philanthropist in using emotional appeals and embellishments of truth to convince the public into giving money to a charity—in this case, the Central Asia Institute (CAI). On the other hand, an analysis of John Krakauer’s rhetoric in Three Cups of Deceit proves that…

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  • Examples Of Logical Fallacies

    fallacies are basically common errors. Everyone single person every day makes a common error. The logical fallacies that I will be discussing are the sunk cost fallacy, slippery slope fallacy, hasty generalization fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc, ad hominem, red herring, and the straw man fallacy. It happens to everyone of us, even though we may not even realize it sometimes. Sunk cost fallacy is getting into something and not wanting to get out of it because you may have put a lot of time…

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  • Stoker Argumentative Fallacies?

    everyday life from talking with one 's mom to speaking with their boss, the trouble is identifying these fallacy 's and being aware that they do exist and can affect oneself and the person they are speaking to. Being able to know the difference between an ad hominem and straw man could be the difference between winning one 's argument. To begin with, two quite opposite articles have been provided that contain a central claim about the Iraq war. One of these articles is written by Anna Quindlen, …

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  • Hannah Rosin's Mother Inferior

    An example of an ad hominem is, “Ms. Chua parenting prescription is that it exists wholly apart from any passion or innate talent” (311). Rosin might suggest Ms. Chua doesn’t know how to live life to the fullest, or maybe she is bland and had no childhood of her own. False…

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  • Logical Fallacies Examples

    I began to explain these examples to my roommate on Friday night. I went through each logical fallacy and explained to her what they were, along with an example of each. The name of all the logical fallacies are as follows: Ad hominem argumentum, ad misericordiam argumentum, ad populum argument, bandwagon appeal, begging the question, circular reasoning, dicto simpliciter, false analogy, false dilemma, faulty use of authority, hasty generalization, non sequitur, post hoc, ergo propter hoc, red…

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  • Hasty Generality In 12 Angry Men: Why So So Serious?

    angry men are serious because they had their personal opinions’ shifted and evasively molded into something new entirely through the use of fallacious statements. The film showcases fallacies such as: hasty and sweeping generalizations, argument ad hominem, and ad misericordiam; thus, by using these rhetorical tactics, the audience can learn a valuable lesson—people use fallacies in everyday conversation (some even do so unconsciously.) Therefore, the film 12 Angry Men can be used as a valuable…

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  • Fallacies In Planned Parenthood

    In recent news Robert Dear attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After entering the Planned Parenthood facility with a gun and opening fire, Dear claimed to be a “baby warrior” as he took the lives of three people while wounding nine (Liss-Schultz). While this is situational irony in itself, society, whether pro-life or pro-choice, banded together to bring justice to Robert Dear. The media shockingly chose to cover this topic in a manner that takes a stance against…

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  • Ad Blockinging Software Is Ethical

    The use of ad blocking software is ethical. Ad blocking software is software used on computers and smart phones to prevent the user from seeing any advertisements. To support this argument, I will discuss: The means by which online advertising better targets the user and the use of ad blocking software through Kantian deontological ethics and why ad blockers are used. In addition, I will also discuss a possible method by which the controversy surrounding ad blockers can be resolved. Many users…

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  • According To O Barr Advertising

    Advertising “Ugh.. Another pop-up ad?! Why can’t I just watch my Youtube video in peace?” When most people think of advertising they think of all the annoying, pop up ads on the internet or the towering billboards with printed letters reading, “Buy this,” or “Call this number to advertise.” But it is much more than that. Advertising plays an important role in the market economy we all live in today. It has grown and developed tremendously along with media and technology. Most people don 't…

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  • Just War Multilateral Sanctions

    The just war tradition is base in two principals: Jus ad bellum (justice of war) – this relates the reasons for war; jus in bello (justice in war) this establish what can be done and the amount of force that can be delivered during a war. Based on the just war tradition and its principles, a war can have…

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