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  • The Regressive Tax System

    Our taxes are the cornerstone of our government and economics as our taxes are used to “ invest in technology and education, and to provide goods and services for the benefit of the American people” (TurboTax). The money that we give to the government is our taxes and while they are bothersome towards the citizens in America, they do help out our government. In America, there are three kinds of tax systems, which are proportional tax, progressive tax, and regressive tax. Even though the…

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  • Polarization In The Media

    economy has improved the financial position of those of higher incomes, while lower income citizens stayed the same. This unequal distribution of growth is recognized as income inequality. Those at the top could utilize resources to prevent the redistribution of America's wealth, while those at the bottom would do the opposite. Polarization amongst the politicians are related to the income inequality of the American people. Those of lower income brackets aren't necessarily prioritized by…

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  • School Budget Analysis

    Many citizens, such as republicans, believe that increasing taxes is bad for the society. It would be unfair to take away money from those who have rightfully earned it. In the article “Social Limits to Redistribution,” by Giacomo Corneo and Hans Peter Gruner, it talks about the redistribution poorly affects the rich and how taxation is a way to redistribute wealth. (Giacomo Corneo, Grüner.) The rich feel that more of their money is being taken away. In fact, of those opposing the increase in…

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  • Federal Government Intervention Case Study

    communities results in an efficient provision of local public goods. The reasons why federal intervention may be required include market failures (externalities, particularly those associated with choice of location, and limited competition) and redistribution (the limited ability to redistribute income at the local level). 4. There are marked disparities in income per capita and in the provision of local public services across states and localities. Whether government policy should be…

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  • What Is The Failure Of Reconstruction After The Civil War?

    of new state constitutions that accepted partial suffrage, and by ratifying the 14th amendment would the southern states be readmitted back into the Union. With this in mind, it is necessary to note how there was not a single mention to a land redistribution policy integrated in the south, nor was any mention to an economic policy at all! The south had been suffering tremendously following the civil war, suffering from debt and the loss of the South’s primary means of economics: slavery. For…

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  • Rhetography In Revelation

    Greg Carey defines rhetography as “sensory rhetoric”, a device used in the Book of Revelation to convey one of its many themes, wealth redistribution. I will be examining the Revelation’s image of the woman and the dragon from 12:1-4. While this image’s rhetography does not address the redistribution of wealth once taken out of Revelation’s larger context, it does present an image of social vulnerability. To begin this examination, I recreated a painted image using a traditional understanding…

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  • Misconceptions Of Socialism In The World Today

    By definition, Socialism is, a set of ideas that favor the public ownership of production and resources, eliminating some or most of private enterprises (Johnson). There are several layers to socialism, and they all require varying levels of government involvement and overall prioritization of personal liberties. Such liberties relate to private ownership of property and private means of production, and socialists often argue over how much of this is acceptable. A completely pure Socialist style…

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  • Rousseau's Theory Of Inequality Essay

    Locke and Rousseau contract greatly regarding inequality. Their theories present different origins of inequality, different notions of whether people agree to it, and different ways in which it should be regulated by political society. According to Locke, there is no limitation on the inequality that may exist within a government. To question his theory, let us assume the following conditions: 1. The legislature legislates according to the best interest of its citizens. 2. The government…

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  • Compare And Contrast Progressive Tax And Flat Tax

    The flat tax, progressive tax and value added tax are three very different and unique tax systems. All three tax systems have similarities and differences. By comparing these three tax systems we can understand their advantages and disadvantages and see which one is the best for the United States. Currently, the United States uses an income tax called the progressive-rate tax system. This tax rate system is very complex and requires taxpayers to complete multiple forms, compute deductions, and…

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  • Athenian Democracy: A Comparative Analysis

    Ancient Greek democracy appears to have ended as a result of both internal and external factors. Like the subsequent Roman Empire, the Athenian state appears to have over-reached in its militaristic ambitions, ultimately weakening it; while the relative strength of other empires enabled them to take Greece over. The imposition of rule by foreign empires finally ended Greek democracy. From internally, Athens moved from being a defender of its own nation to an aggressor though it would have no…

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