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  • Old Yeller: The Big Yellow Dog

    The story of Old Yeller has been a timely classic for decades, touching the hearts of every reader who picks up the book. It is a classic tale of the relationship between a boy and his dog, sharing the challenges and difficulties they had to endure and the tragic death of the dog when it gets infected by a disease spreading across the town called hydrophobia. Although Old Yeller was a meat stealing thief that showed up uninvited to the family’s farm, they all learned to the love the big yellow…

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  • Explain Why A Public Dog Park Should Be Build In Cities

    A public dog park should be build in cities because alot of people have dogs ,espectilly older people. Most blind people use dogs to walk and help them get around. Dogs have the abitlity to understand humans. Dogs can save your life alot of time just by barking ,smelling,and feeling. A dog park would dress alot of issues in the city. It be less dogs running around it be less dog biting and people will feel comforable to take they dog out to play. City residents just don't have dogs for pets,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Where The Red Fern Grows

    Where the Red Fern Grows is a very captivating story no-matter how it is told. Because of this, those who fancy the story found different ways to share it with others. So, the movie was created as a mimic of the original book. Through this essay I will describe a few of the differences and similarities between the book and movie version of this enthralling heart squeezing story. First, in the original book, Billy won the hunting competition with his dogs. He went hunting and soon after heading…

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  • Deaf Service Dogs Research Paper

    Some dogs help at the slopes of mountains, others are aiding the disabled. Either way, these are really important jobs for our canine mates. There are many jobs that include dogs. For example, blind people use dogs as guides so they don't walk into traffic, bump into people in public, or make a mess of the house. Dogs also help with doors (opening and closing). People who are deaf need dogs for locating objects on command, retrieving dropped items, and alerting to the sound of a doorbell or fire…

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  • Bringing Dogs To Work Research Paper

    In my opinon, I think it would be a great idea to bring dogs to work. Dogs tend to brighten peoples' spirits when they are stressed out. I think it's a great idea, because people would feel less stress, be more productive in their work, and more relaxed at work. First, dogs would be amazing in the work area, because the workers would feel less stressed out. When you're working, you're being rushed to get things done, and who wouldn't want to take a moment and love on a dog? Also, people…

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  • Dog Sledding History

    Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, is the size of the fight in the dog.” (Mark Twain) Sled dogs do far beyond of what we expect; they fight and push themselves throughout their lives to keep going. Modern day dog sledding is known by the heritage of dogs pulling a rope with some heavy equipment on the back, dog sledding also consists of strength, intelligence, and stability for people and dogs to maneuver such thing. While people still use dog sledding as a…

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  • Red Fox Vs Domestic Dogs

    The red fox can be compared to the domestic dog (basenji). The domestic dog and the red fox are around the same weight (15 lbs). The red fox has features of a dog, such as forepaws for speed and agility. Foxes even bark and howl like dogs. Both animals mark their territory by urination and are among the predator family. The brains of the domestic dog and the red fox are similar size. The brains have small prefrontal cortexes, but larger than ones of other animals. The cerebellum for both the fox…

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  • Explain Why There Should Be Allowed In Work Places Essay

    I truly believe that work places should allow dogs to come to work with you. There are many reason why I strongly believe they should. Here are the resaons, less stress and anxiety in the work place, longer and more work days, and last but not least more money for the company. Lets get into more details about these reasons. When you bring your dog to work it gives you a sense of well being, which reduces stress and anxiety. I know when I'm less stress and don't have that much anxiety…

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  • Deaf People With Hearing Dogs Essay

    Hearing dogs are trained to help individuals that have a disability or impairment and make their lives easier and often safer. They often are trained to alert the individual to environmental sounds. These sounds could be anything the owner would not hear such as a knock at the door all the way to something as important as a fire alarm (Rintala,Matamoros, Seitz, 2013 pp. 489-503). A hearing dog can have a great amount of impact on persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. In a 2016 article in…

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  • Service Dogs Help Humans

    Dogs Help Humans When people think of dogs they think of furry companions, but they can do so much more. Dogs can be train to do so much to help and serve our community. Whether it be a service dog, police dog, or a therapy dog. To begin with, service dogs do way more than just help the blind or deaf. Service dogs also help people who are disabled, with everyday tasks. For example,service dogs can pull wheelchairs, open doors, and pick up objects that fall. Ashley, a Paws service dogs…

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