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  • Essay On Color Priming

    labeled in red we correlate it to be more negative. Every time an individual forms a specific prime in regards to color it has a direct influence on their behavior. This affects them without them necessarily knowing it has altered their conscious awareness (Elliot, Maier, Binser, Friedman, & Pekrun, 2009). This effect doesn’t allow for an individual to be aware of what effects color priming actually has on them and the specific factor that contributed to such effect. To clarify, red has been…

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  • The Wonder Of A Women From The Amazon

    This art piece is, “The Wonder Of A Women From The Amazon” by Andrew Cain. It was completed in 2015 and displayed at CSU Stanislaus State Art Gallery. The art piece, now located in CSU Stanislaus State Art Gallery can be viewed straight on when you enter the south door of the gallery. It is an image of Wonder Woman repeated nine times; three images by three images. The image shows the top of Wonder Woman head to her waist. The face of Wonder Woman however is not of a young adult woman, but of a…

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  • The Struggle In Ian Grimm's Snow White

    “Snow White” is a tale that follows the on-going conflict between Snow White and her stepmother, a conflict otherwise known as the Electra complex. Most overlook, however, the psychological development of the main character, Snow White. An interpretation by Ian Robinson claims that many fairy tales such as “Snow White” involve the breaking of a command or a taboo. He believes there can be no psychological growth until the old rules are broken and the new order can flourish (Robinson). In the…

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  • Feminism In Grandma And The Dancing Girl

    Feminism, and the idea of gender equality, clashes harshly with the cultural sense of traditionalism in both Grandma the Progressive and The Dancing Girl through male and female perspectives. Within these stories, traditional stigmas and unequivocal prejudice is placed on Thai woman causing conflict and a reevaluation of gender equality. Although humorous, Grandma the Progressive focuses on an aristocratic and traditional idol for the granddaughters to become. Grandma dwells on the past and uses…

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  • Color Priming Effect Essay

    The first hypothesis was that participants, given Red will perform worse on the anagram task than those given green or black ink instruction. From the literature above, we can conclude that red color undermines anagram performance contrary to color green or black. This is well, aligned with our first hypothesis. The second hypothesis was that participants were given red ink will find anagram task more challenging for themselves and will find it more frustrating…

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  • Sphere Luttetia Soto Analysis

    representative one. It has been exhibited in "Les Champs de la sculpture” in Paris and Miami Art Basel in 1996. And it was recently displayed in the Perrotin Gallery in Paris, France. This installation is made of painted cods in three colors – white, red and black. The whole sphere is in large size with a dimension of 600 x 600 x 600 cm. The large triple colored sphere is suspended to a square canopy and could be displayed either indoors or outdoors. Soto picked metal as…

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  • Samurai Attacks Woman Analysis

    Compare and Contrast Essay The two works of art that I have chosen to compare and contrast had me worried at first. I wondered if there were enough things to compare between the two. However, after evaluating Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s Samurai Attacks Woman and Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s self portrait, I have come to find that they share many things in common; from medium to colour, I will discuss the vast array of contrasts as well as similarities. It helps first to describe the two pieces. The first…

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  • The Symbols Of Good And Evil In The Scarlet Letter

    historical fiction novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he uses the development of the different colors red, black, and white to portray his ideas of good and evil in the puritan town. He uses the colors to symbolize specific elements of the book including the Scarlet Letter "A", Roger Chillingworth, and…

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  • Meaning Of Advertisement

    As our eyes first goes to center of the advertisement, we see a bright red color logo attracting our eyes towards it. Coca-Cola has smarty used their logo as a main focus, as the logo is in red color and according to human phycology red color excites eye the most. The placement of the logo in the center, makes it the viewer’s center of focus. Not only that, the Coca-Cola has also used Molly Bang’s principles…

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  • The Use Of Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    Red is what everybody wants; love, happiness, and most of all, money. Huber, in his article, basically says that red is a symbol for life, joy, and love. (Huber) but it goes a little farther than that. Schneider say’s, more appropriately, “It stands for the dream because it is one of the glittering colors of…

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