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  • Analysis Of The Stanley Parable

    Throughout modern history, there have been a plethora of mediums to keep the public engaged and entertained in the world around them. Specifically, video games have provided a strong source of contentment to the public. These games come in various genres, from action, horror, and fantasy. One game that is truly unlike any other is none other than The Stanley Parable. This first-person exploration game challenges our psychologically embedded morals, forcing us to go against the wishes of the…

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  • The Super Bowl Human Trafficking Analysis

    The light represents inalienable rights of people for freedom, which is women is trying to reach the entire photo is in black, gray and white colors. The contrast between the gray background and the red information draw the viewer’s attention to the left side of the poster to read the information. Additionally, in the right lower side is a shaky image of a woman running away from something and running towards the light. The alignment or leading line…

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  • Six Feet Under Analysis

    In the series Six Feet Under, the underlying color scheme is muted and cold. The strategic use of color in the series coincides with the underlying theme of death throughout the show. The first instance of the dark color scheme is shown during the show’s theme song, in the theme song there are many items that appear in gray, brown, and white colors. The flowers in the opening song of the show start off with bright green and pink colors, which quickly turn to dark brown dull colors as the flowers…

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  • Analysis Of Girls Overheard While Assembling A Puzzle By Mary Szybist

    Mary Szybist was born in 1970 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to a Catholic household. Growing up in a Catholic family, much of her life—and particularly her writing—are influenced by her religion. Throughout her books and poems, her words depict her experience living as a Catholic practitioner and give the world a sense of her life events. After she published her poetry book, Incarnadine, her meticulous effort to craft words and turn them into beautiful pieces of literature was awarded the 2013…

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  • Inside The Mind Of A Successful Manager By Pepperdine University

    The infographic Inside the Mind of a Successful Manager published and created by the Pepperdine University. This infographic was found on and displayed by on August 12, 2015; the infographic does not display a specific artist or creation date. Pepperdine University undoubtedly wants to inform present and prospective students of how attending their University will make them into a successful manager, and instruct them on how to think like a successful manager. Present and…

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  • Four Wooden Sculpture Analysis

    and space. In both pieces, the artist uses the colors brown, black, red, white, green and blue in both paintings. In the ice skater piece, the blue symbolizes the sky, white equals snow, green means the ground, the brown and red colors outline the figure, the black shows the ice skates and face and gives the figure a sense of human form and the tan color shows the skin of the figure. In Four Wooden Sculptures, the blue, green, and red colors detail the room that the figures are in, with the…

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  • The Relationship Of Time And Space In My Comic

    In the classroom comic I made the gutters between each tier different sizes and colors. I wanted to show the progress of the teacher and students understanding of each other. In the first two tiers it is large and red. Red on a stop light normally symbolizes stop and the size to show how disconnected they are. In between the second and third it is yellow. Yellow on a stoplight means yield and the size is slightly smaller to show they are starting to connect. The final…

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  • Drunk Tank Pink Chapter Summary

    Picture yourself walking up to a building; there are green trees decorating the walkway. You reach the metallic silver doors. While looking up at the sky, the snowy white clouds slowly caress the deep blue sky. You pull the metallic door open and enter the building. As the mundane walls around you start to collapse, your body goes cold and numb. The change of colors that happens when entering the building changes your psychological mindset. When this happens your neurological brain functioning…

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  • Analysis Of All About My Mother

    settings and scenes are full of Spanish style such as the appearance of Barcelona Cathedral, the colourful paintings and the family decoration in Mosaic style. In addition, the application of the red colour also becomes the highlight in this film. Just like “enthusiasm” is the symbol of Spain, there are a lot of red clothes, furniture and buildings which are placed in the film setting. These designs can great express the director had a deep mining of the Spanish national traditions, and help…

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  • How Color Affects Psychology

    that turned sunlight into the colors that we know as “the rainbow.” Newton concluded that “white” contains all of the colors at the same time. Black, therefore, is the absence of color. Whenever Newton tested his prism, he found that red bent far less than violet (red and violet are at the top and bottom of the rainbow, so they are the farthest apart). After extensive research, a man named James Clerk Maxwell found that one specific group of electromagnetic waves was the cause of visible…

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