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  • Salvia Splendens

    than Red or Green Light on Its Own By: Diego Prado, Morgan Miller, Cody Holland, and Jonathan Ruppel Introduction The hypothesis for lab 5 was that plants that do not receive red light will perform photosynthesis less efficiently than those exposed to light of all wavelengths. The findings for that lab were that the plant that received all colors grew the most. The experiment was done again, but this time the algae was changed to a flower. In this experiment, the new hypothesis is that red is…

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  • Visual Aglisia Research Paper

    process the color categories. In the English world, there are eleven categories of colors, whereas in Nambia, they only have four categories of language which are Borou (Blue, green), Zoozu (dark colors, red, black and purple), Vapa (white and some yellow), Borou (green and blue), and Dumbi (green, red and brown). The people of Nambia community describe color differently. For instance, according to them, the sky is dark and water is…

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  • Theme Of Revenge In Julius Caesar

    his death will be followed by chaos to Rome. In the lines “Over thy wounds now do I prophesy Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips” (lines 259-260), Antony is using the metaphor of comparing Caesar’s stab wounds to a Ruby. Ruby is a bloody red crystal, which is hard to find. It is a crystal of courage, strength, healing and wealth.This description adds to how much Antony values Caesar, his blood, and how much he was worth. This compression of metaphor also connects to where Antony…

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  • Formal Analysis: David Bourdon And Gregory Battcock

    Formal Analysis: David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock is an oil on canvas piece by the artist Alice Neel. In this piece you see two seated men, one in suit and tie and the other only in underwear. Both men seem to be staring off into the distance with disinterest. This piece is actually a portrait of the openly gay couple. Alice specialized in portraits and bringing attention to features others usually didnt say much about although you could not help think of.…

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  • Color And Location In Marketing

    The results showed that red was preferred in a pleasant setting. They then showed the participants either an angry or a happy face. In this experiment, the results showed that red was preferred in the happy condition again, but green was preferred in the hostile situation. In the third part of their experiment, they added another control color of gray. In this experiment, the results showed red was again preferred in the hospitable condition, but there was not…

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  • The Great Gatsby Green Light Symbolism

    Throughout history, in literature color has played an emblematic and meaningful role in the work of many authors. “Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak”-Allen Klein (Klein). From the green light on Daisy’s dock, to the dull Valley of Ashes, almost every color in this novel has a hidden message behind it. In the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, a man by the name of Jay Gatsby, who…

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  • Hartman Color Code Research Paper

    is driven by a core motive. Said motive determines ones’ behavior, your needs and wants. Anyone who takes the assessment is predominantly one of four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, or White however, our colors can intermingle and mix together like a confetti cake of definitive personality. Independently, each color indicates a certain motive: Red for power, Blue for intimacy, Yellow for merriment, and White for neutrality. “By identifying our core color, we can come to understand our key traits,…

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  • Symbolism In Red Sorghum

    “Red Sorghum (1987)” directed by Yimou Zhang, the movie centers on Jiuer who is forced to marry an ill and old man, her marriage is forcedly arranged by her father. As during the ancient Chinese culture, most women did not have the freedom to choose their own marriage, and women 's marriage seemed to be a tool for a family to exchange money. So marriage was a tragedy to women. In the movie, Jiuer’s husband is dead because of the infectious disease, so she takes control over her husband’s…

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  • How Do Colors Affect Pop Culture

    the colors that dominate all the other colors in a supreme fashion. Colors like red and blue which we see just about everyday our always in the back of our minds, Humanity has come to naturally associate these colors with objects to the point where some people can hear a word and immediately associate a color with it. If I had asked someone to picture an apple in their head the majority would most likely picture a red apple, even though there are varying colors like golden yellow and light…

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  • Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    Color symbolism has an influential role in The Great Gatsby, as it has had in many literary works throughout history. It is used many times to give a deeper meaning to the story, and convey messages that the author doesn’t explicitly say. It is the responsibility of the reader to read closely, and try to find the deeper meaning in specific details of the story. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, a tale is told of Jay Gatsby. Jay is a new money business man, and is intent on trying…

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