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  • Selection Process

    The recruitment and selection process is by far one of the most important human resource processes. Due to its importance, there have been several attempts at the creation of effective, yet efficient selection processes. The human resource management functionality has undergone a series of changes; prior to 1981, selection relied heavily on centralized testing which allowed the process to be very straight forward. However, through the introduction of government mandated examinations, much like…

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  • Understand The Importance Of Interviews

    As part of the Human resource management team, it is important to understand the importance of interviews and how it is arranged and conducted. Interview is one of the processes of managing the recruitment. Measom (2011) states that: It is one of the components under the human resource recruitment process in which, the human resource management team wished to find out more detailed information about a particular applicants/participants, or stakeholders and partners about their views on a…

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  • Woori Bank Case Study

    reason for recruitment planning. Vacancy is caused by employee leaving because of the downsizing and restructuring of the company or retiring temporarily, increased volume of business, different work, maternity cover, sickness. To solve the vacancy problem recruitment is essential. Recruitment process has very important influence to the business. The organization should make advantages and effects from recruitment process. The type of recruitment can be divided to internal recruitment and…

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  • Essay On The Role Of HR

    to the new technological advancements. Human Resource Management in today’s business context can be understood as – “effective and efficient management of the human capital of the organization”. HRM functions provide an outline for employee’s recruitment, development and termination. The role of HR is changing from a backend function and now companies are aligning it to central strategic business planning. The new role of human resource can be termed as Strategic HRM, where the HR practices…

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  • Best Practices Of Human Resources

    HR practices are focused on the following areas: 1) recruitment and selection; 2) employee relations; 3) compensation…

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  • Fitzdonald Hotel Case Study

    RECRUITMENT As a consequence of answering the questions described above, the recruitment process can be now properly approached. Barber defined recruitment as (1998: 5): “those practices and activities carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees”. Structured recruitment approaches are considered to be part of the best practices in human resources and enhance organization’s performance (Torrington et al. 2014: 112). Through this…

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  • International Staffing Case Study

    tends to pay more attention on the recruitment of senior personnel mostly at the headquarter level based on the approach used (ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or geocentric) Harzing (2004). The pros and cons of such staffing policy mostly depends on the context and the approaches used Phatak (1989). Sparrow (2007), described four approaches to international staffing recruitment and they are as follows: centralized control and international recruitment primarily for domestic labour…

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  • Case Study Of Enrollment And Graduation Management

    inform how we target communication and programming efforts to meet the college 's and the university 's needs, CSUs must clearly identify their recruitment and enrollment goals, as well as the challenges in achieving them. Doing so will help staff in admissions know not only what CSUs are doing, and what they 'd like to do, but also how admissions and recruitment can support CSU efforts. Below are questions that may serve as a foundation to CSU internal assessment. Their responses, or minimally…

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  • Workforce Planning Case Study

    develop workers. These reduce the need for external recruitment and make maximum use of existing talent. The first point is the attracting applicants, which is that the managers promote and offer a career opportunity from within the company has a positive effect on the enterprise. Also using the concept of letting the employees to be happy to stay longer and give their best to the company. But with the growth there is always a need for external recruitment to provide new skills and to increase…

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  • Importance Of Management Planning Process

    Answers to Questions on Human Resource Management Things that employers can or cannot legally do during the recruitment process Employers should not discriminate while advertising for jobs (Dessler, Equal Opportunity and the Law, 2012). For example, a job advert should not contain phrases like “We cannot cater for workers with disabilities”. Phrases like “recent graduates” or “highly experienced” should be avoided. They tend to discriminate against older and younger prospective employees…

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