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  • Rational Legal Bureaucratic Model

    that were made available to them. The law enforcement community has gone through many different theories of crime control as each political system has come into power. In the middle of the 20th century the country was using the “professional” or “rational-legal bureaucratic” model, which standards included training, technical skills, education and strict role of crime fighting (McElvain, Kposowa,…

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  • Fukushima Rational Actor Model

    Chernobyl. It is interesting to see the thoughts behind the actions made by Tepco abbreviated to tepco for the remaining of the paper. This essay tries to answer the research question. To what extent does the Rational Actor Model explain the events during the Fukushima disaster. The Rational actor model in the remaining p-art of the essay abbreviated to R.A.M is a model introduced by Allison and Zelikow it is used Cuba missile crisis to show its applicability to understand the model. This paper…

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  • Rationality In Economics Vs Psychology

    on “learnt behaviours” that are unique to the individual when trying to be rational by making so called rational choices. The psychology perception of rationality (or the lack of it)…

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  • Constructivist Approach

    Neorealism assumes the state will always make the rational choice to maximize its utility. In neoliberalism, non-state actors such as civil societies and individuals also make rational choices. Both theories borrow ideas from the theory of rationalism (Wendt, 1992). Constructivism, on the other hand, does not make such assumption about rationality. By no means is constructivism…

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  • Anthony Downs Rational Choice Model

    field by using rational choice thinking of voters. Downs tries to explain people’s thinking when coming to elections. Downs ' (1957) ‘calculus-of-voting’ model, voters are instrumentally rational. The model is about voters will vote in order to change the outcome of elections only if the costs of voting does not outweigh…

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  • Rational Emotive Therapy Research Paper

    Rational Emotive Therapy and Religion There seems to be numerous studies on Rational Emotive Therapy and religion. This is a controversial connection for some people, but I have found it to be an interesting practice to tie into counseling from a spiritual perspective. Those who do not believe in religious ideals discredit spirituality, but still believe Rational Emotive Therapy can be effective for those who practice religion. “Warnock (1989) has noted that religious practices and beliefs…

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  • Rational Emotive Therapy Paper

    psychological disorders or just using a therapeutic approach when coping with certain challenges that arise in daily living requires various approaches to meet a variety of needs and personalities. Three approaches to therapy, Gestalt, client centered and rational emotive therapy were used on one client named Gloria to achieve a similar goal. Gloria is a 30-year-old over recently divorced mother who is currently seeking therapy to address various personal troubles in her life. Albert Ellis,…

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  • Maximization Of Economic Man Theory

    rationality presented in the Economic Man assumption and developed a new stream in economics known as Behavioral Economics (Fox, 2015). It was discovered by conducting psychological experiments that when making economic decision, people are not always rational (Fox, 2015). New concepts were developed such as heuristics and biases, which prevailed in situations where the data is incomplete or not fully reliable and there is a high degree of uncertainty (Fox, 2015). As was pointed out in our…

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  • Myth Of The Rational Voter Analysis

    have also developed many conflicting theories. It is up to the citizens within the nation to decide whether their government is effective, and whether there needs to be reforms to improve the state of the nation. In Caplan’s article “The Myth of The Rational Voter” he states “voters gravitate toward the same mistake. They don’t cancel each other out, they compound.” This statement is supported by his idea of being rationally ignorant, where the consequences of holding a illogical belief are…

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  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

    In order to apply rational emotive behavioral therapy in the classroom, it is imperative to understand the irrational beliefs about the self that children face today. A study conducted by Flett, Hewitt and Cheng (2008) analyzed the connections between the societal held impressions of perfectionism on adolescents and the irrational beliefs and self-concepts that ensue. For this particular experiment, a total of 142 females and 108 males between the ages of 15 to 18 years participated with the…

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