Rational egoism

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  • Arguments Against Psychological Egoism

    In this essay, I will defend psychological egoism as the most probable explanation for moral choice and motivation. I hold psychological egoism to be “the view that all men are selfish in everything that they do, that is, that the only motive from which anyone ever acts is self-interest” (Rachels 233). Since every action is moved by a desire to be satisfied, even in supposedly altruistic acts, one acts on a desire to satisfy one’s desire, so that supposedly altruistic acts are not actually altruistic. James Rachels, to whom my defining of psychological egoism is attributed, counters psychological egoism as incorrect moral skepticism. In the form of a Platonic dialogue, I will present, if successful, the impossibility for any ‘moral’ conduct beyond psychological egoism, counteracting Rachels own refutation in his essay, “Egoism and Moral Scepticism.” The dialogue will conclude with an explanation of psychological egoism as…

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  • Selflessness And Individualism

    people have to accept the reality by correcting their mistakes and finding the right way to not only influences themselves, but also influences the society and others. No one can easily find their true identities by being selflessness because people are educated to view this world in a “self-focused’ way. People are over-valuing themselves, and gradually people are escaping from the reality because people in the current generation are indoctrinated by the idea of individualism. Even though…

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  • The Importance Of Selfishness In Literature

    As humans, we are inconsiderate and greedy animals who proceed down the most corrupted path to achieve our goals. Gone are our ethical values when our hunger for success is unleashed. Unconcerned with the wellbeing of others, our lethal daggers plunge into our vulnerable prey. With so many witnesses, why does no one step forward to save the victim? The answer is rather vague, and the ambiguity of the response is meant to mask the shameful reality; we, the human race, are selfishly disgusting. We…

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  • The Role Of An Individualistic Society In Animal Farm By George Orwell

    People are pretty selfish and independent huh? Damn, then there's people that puts others first. Individualistic society is comprised of a group of independent people that prioritize furthering one’s own self-interests. On the other hand, collectivist societies put society’s well-being over an individuals’. In the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell there is a farm taken control by animals and where animals believe they were equal. The two main character’s of “Animal Farm” are two pigs named…

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  • Weber's Theoretical Rationality

    recognition of world to this earthly and material world. When the world cut its cord from its origin and destination, the only priority with is prominent is describing the present situation of the world and things around. Beginning of rationalism of thoughts must track its origin in Greek philosophy and hidden theoretical rationalism found there. Because by presenting a rationalistic interpretation of the world, religious and heavenly interpretations gradually faded. This kind of novel thought…

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  • Role Of Selfishness In Literature

    Selfishness: An Inescapable Plague As humans, we are inconsiderate, egoistic, greedy animals who proceed down the most revolting and corrupt path in order to achieve our desired goals. Gone are our ethical values when our hunger for success and power is unleashed. Unconcerned with the wellbeing of others, our lethal daggers plunge into our vulnerable prey. Why is it that even with many witnesses, no one dares to take a step forward to save the victim? Many may feed you the generic response…

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  • The Importance Of Self Deception In Society

    According to Google’s dictionary, self-deception is the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. Us, being selfish humans, doing everything to satisfy our own ego, is the only person who we shouldn’t lie on. And certainly lying on ourselves is counter-productive. But while looking around, I can’t see but humans self-deceiving their selves including me. Admitting that we are liars hurts us. This form of dishonesty is the…

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  • Ayn Rand's Altruism Theory

    In this paper I will use the views and theories of Ayn Rand on altruism, James Rachels’ view psychological egoism and Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative in order to propose a moral theory on how we ought to behave both individually and as a society. As a frame of reference, I will first present a case on why psychological egoism applies to humans which will tie in with both individual and global morality. In the same way, I will state reasons why I believe Rand was precise in pointing out…

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  • Psychological Egoism In Landau's The Fundamentals Of Ethics

    In Landau’s book, The Fundamentals of Ethics, Chapter seven focuses on psychological egoism. The backbone of this theory is that all human actions are driven by human’s egotistical desires. Landau defends this theory by stating, “Psychological egoism is a theory about human motivation: it tells us that our only motivation is to make ourselves better off.” (Landau 106) This means in order for someone to adopt this theory they must believe that even trivial events that seem very altruistic are…

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  • Arguments Against Egoism

    o Although egoist may agree that a man exists for his own sake, egoism neglects our nature as social creatures.”. o Main source texts: Stephen M. Cahn, A supreme Moral Principle. o The Egoist declares us all selfish and that humans are only motivated by self-interest. Philosophers such as Ayn Rand elaborates saying it our best nature to only be concerned about one’s self as it the main motive for one’s existence. I. Main argument. o Your main premise: The Egoist Claims we are all selfish just…

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