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  • Virgil Dugo Week 1 Weekly Reflection Journal Examples

    is committed, driven and filled with ambition. I will humble myself by acknowledging that I can be stubborn, reserved and impersonal. I envision myself becoming a person who is dedicated, hardworking, empathetic and inspiring. Through my role as an RA/CM I can make my vision a reality by speaking with my residents to get to know them on a personal level. I want them to feel like that can come to me about any issues they are having and I want to be a resource for their success. To do this I want…

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  • Aristotle And Confucius Analysis

    Living with someone who has hygiene issues and room cleanliness issues is not always the easiest. Again, as with the RA example, it can lead to ruining a friendship or hiding your true feelings. Thinking under the personal virtues of Aristotle, I thought about how I would want to be perceived. Would I want people to assume I had the cleanliness issues as well or did…

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  • Essay On Personal Takeaways

    From my meeting with Alex Simeone, a resident assistant from Bohn Hall, this past week, I gained an immense amount of information about the overall position as a resident assistant (RA) but also insight about personal takeaways that is unique to the experience at Montclair State University. One of the most profound takeaways was his genuine love for the position itself and being able to provide guidance and balance for both his residents and himself. I understand that a RA’s duties is not easy…

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  • Biomedical Engineering Career Progression

    across Rochester, handling my own medical insurance, renting my own apartment, working 30 hours a week, and advocating for myself in all areas of my life. This rapid period of personal growth and independence was fostered in a large part by my RA freshman year. My RA was not a parent. She did not coddle me. She did not hold my hand through every issue. She was a mentor. She informed me of the resources RIT had available, she offered her own life experiences when I came to her with a problem, and…

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  • Essay On Chronic Periodontitis

    occurring in a fluid filled tissue adjacent to the bone, which is then gradually eroded. An association between periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been considered since the early 1820s. The early treatment was tooth extraction to eradicate any source of oral infection (156). Epidemiological studies suggest that the prevalence of RA and periodontitis may be similar and about 5% of the population are aged 50 years or…

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  • Birdsong: Questions

    the neuron. in this experiment a constant frequency and intensity signal is obtained in the HVc interneuron, it results in also a constant signal in the Basal Ganglia, and specific signal in the RA. when giving a signal of different intensity or frequency in the HVc, a different signal is obtained in the RA. however, signals are similar to different birds. This type of experiments doesn't give us the desired output since there are other neurons in the brain that acts all together in the order in…

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  • Book Of Dead Slot Analysis

    Book of Dead Slot Review Play ‘n Go’s new Book of Dead has been designed for one purpose, and one purpose only. It has been created to take on Novomatic’s Book of Ra slot, which currently rules the roost when it comes to simplistic Ancient Egyptian themed video slots. The similarities between the two are there for all to see. Both video slots contain a rather cheesy hero and explorer – in the case of Book of Dead, his name is Rich Wilde. Both slots’ symbols include surpluses of high playing…

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  • Systematic Racism In Higher Education

    Racism Within American Higher Education This history of American higher education is plagued by systemic racism and oppression of many marginalized identities such as Black, Latino/a, and women. African American students were almost entirely banned from American higher education from the creation of Harvard College in 1636 until past the Civil War (Anderson, 2002). Slave states banned African Americans from education using the state law, while free states practiced institutionalized racism to…

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  • Essay On Creation Myths

    Creation Myths: Humanity’s Story When humans are faced with the unknown, what do they do? They create myths about this mystery. A very popular type of myth created by humans is a creation myth, or a myth about how the world came to be. There are many different creation myths from all around the world; each with different plots. When looked at closely, there are a noticeable amount of similarities between them. One major similarity is humanity; the beginning of it, its fall, and how it is…

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  • Carbon Dioxide In Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

    The removal of carbon dioxide in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) has been an important topic of research due to the increasing amount of recirculating aquaculture systems being employed in the aquaculture industry. Carbon dioxide, as well as ammonia, are excreted by the fish and can be present in high quantities. Elevated levels of CO2 accumulation within the recirculating water could have toxic effects on fish. The maximum level of CO2 and ammonia that can be present in the tanks…

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