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  • Gretzky Vs Lemieux Research Paper

    Why Mario Lemieux is Better Than Wayne Gretzky Who do you think is better: Gretzky or Lemieux? Arguably, you could say Wayne Gretzky was the number one player ever. Statistically, Gretzky is the greatest player in the NHL by scoring 2857 points. However, Lemieux has faced more challenges and still manages to be 8th in all time points. People may say that Gretzky is clearly a better player purely due to stats. As stats do tell some info about a hockey player, they do not tell you…

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  • Summary: Combat With Femininity

    Wildlife ranger Aline Masika Kisamya Kisamya, along with her female cohorts, proved this when they passed the strenuous selection process and rigorous training to become Virunga rangers. Being a ranger in Virunga’s paramilitary conservation brigade is not only one of the most prestigious jobs but also one of the most dangerous jobs in Eastern Congo (Hatcher). In fact, “Since 1996, more than 150 Virunga rangers have been killed in the line of duty (Hatcher).…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In The Army

    career and I what direction I wanted my life to take. I decided to try something different and enlist in the Army. While in the Army as a recruit I made a life altering decision to volunteer for the 75th Ranger Regiment. Nothing has had a stronger impact on my life than my 9 years in the Ranger Regiment because there I learned that if I put my mind to a task I could succeed, I found a career field that I am good at and enjoy and I learned discipline and resilience As a young man I had not…

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  • The Importance Of Sports In Sports

    Can you hear that? Listen real close……Hear it? Peace and serenity across Islanders social media. Everyone might as well be sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and singing Kumbaya. Well, for one night at least. The Islanders eased tensions among the Barclays Center faithful and within their own locker room with last night’s 4-2 win over the sinking Vancouver Canucks in Brooklyn. To add to the good vibes was Jason Chimera and Andrew Ladd finally getting off the snide and scoring…

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  • Chuck Van Der Woodsen: A Short Story

    Chuck van der Woodsen lives on the corner of 13th street. Not in a house, nor an apartment, but next to a dumpster on the sidewalk. His daily routine consisted of begging for spare change and rummaging through dumpsters for scraps. Barely making it by. Of course plenty of people walked past him everyday in the huge city of Chicago. Every once and awhile someone would generously throw a dollar or two in his tattered hat that he kept beside him. Other times they offered him something to eat.…

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  • Man Vs. Self Conflict

    Dave Saunders has a very unique couple of days in “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” where he is a part of a man vs. self conflict through working in the fields and his adventures at night. This story revolves around Dave, the protagonist, basically being denied the fact of him being a man and not a boy anymore. Three people are doing so, and they would be his mother, Joe (the owner of a local store), and Jim Hawkins (the man that he works for in the local fields). Dave brings up the point of…

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  • An Analysis Of Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why

    In “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, you learn about the story of Hannah Baker. A girl that had recently committed suicide. But before she killed herself she left behind 13 cassettes explaining why she decided to end it all. I decided to narrow the book down and create a timeline of Hannah’s life before she killed herself and all that had happened that pushed her over the edge. (Also I didn’t count this part in my word count - just here as an explanation.) First Hannah moved into a new town. A…

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  • John Flanagan Analysis

    John Flanagan is from Australia where he grew up not realizing any talent in writing skills. Despite this, he wrote an insulting poem about an executive and was then apprenticed to become a copy writer and then soon after a writer. His first works were the Ranger’s Apprentice, which were also the same books that he became known for, which took the form of short stories. They later were turned into novels and then wrote a new series The Brotherband Chronicles while also continuing his Ranger’s…

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  • Mcchrystal Argumentative Analysis

    Perfectly flawed leadership The United States of America is still arguably still the greatest nation on the planet. Funk & Wagnalls (2015) defines a corporation as “an organization, recognized and created by law, which allows people to associate together for a common purpose under a common name.” It is my assertion that America acts as a corporation in interest of economic, legislative, and judicial stability, only not legally incorporated because the government itself would be the granting…

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  • Army Ranger Essay

    periods of time. The earliest years of the Rangers come from the pre-American Revolution era led by Robert Roger. The post-American Revolution era was led by Francis Marion during the American Revolution and John S. Mosby during the American Civil War. While these men did not have the formalized training that is available today, it can easily be said that they would still have met the standards that were established. The second key era for the Rangers bringing them to a more “modern” since…

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